Empties - Dec'14 to Feb 2015

Here's my list of empties for the past 2-ish months:
1. Baby Skin - Instant Pore Eraser
- my second bottle. It is good for what it does, I don't think that I will be repurchasing this - I want to give some other drugstore primers a try.

2. Kiehl's Imperial Body Balm
- this is a very rich and luxurious balm and consists of ingredients inspired by Russian herbal remedies. It contains sea buckhorn berry oil - it revitalizes dry skin and is said to have anti-aging properties. I don't know how I feel about this, it is super super thick and almost "greasy" feeling, even though it quickly absorbs into the skin, I used this before bed just in case though and the smell was quite pungent, very unique and herbally. I think I like the whipped soy milk and honey creme de corps ALOT more. Like the name suggests, it is whipped, it smells divine and it provides the same amount of moisture. So in conclusion, I will not be rebuying the Imperial Balm.

3. Pert Plus - Classic Clean
- both my husband and myself didn't like this shampoo.  It made my hair super flat, easily became greasy the next day, static-y... nope, nope and nope. Will not repurchase.

4. Estee Lauder - Sumptuous Infinite Mascara
- I liked this mascara, Estee Lauder mascaras actually surprise me, most samples I have tried, I loved. This one has a drier formula and was good for building up. I have so many different types of mascaras, I won't be rebuying it in the near future, but if I ever do - yes, I will repurchase this.

5. Bioderma - Purifying cleanser
- for those who know me, will know that I love the Bioderma makeup cleansing water - so I thought that this would be something to try. This was gifted to me by a rep at Shoppers, and well - I have to be honest and say that this has done nothing for me. I would not pay premium for this product to repurchase it as it doesn't feel much better than your regular drugstore makeup.

6. Temptu - Retouch Hilighter
- will not repurchase. I got this as a sample, it is supposed to provide some hilight - meh.

7. Nars Lipgloss
- this is the old packaging, unfortunately I didn't get to finish it. Meh. not sure if I like it, I might give the new formula a try sometime. The one good thing about this was that it wasn't sticky and your hair wouldn't get caught in it.

8. Nails Inc - Caviar Top Coat
- those who know me, know that this is my holy grail. They have since changed the packaging (this is the 2nd time now, it started in the clear cylinder bottle, then the black cylinder bottle and now the rectangular clear bottle. Yes, I love the product so much I have repurchased it 3 times total. This is what allows me to change my polish all the time, it takes about 1-2 minutes to dry everything, even when I paint on 2-3 layers. LOVE!

9. Michael Todd - Tropical Fruit exfoliator
- contains papaya and pineapple enzymes - it helps to exfoliate and rid the face of dead skin and blocked pores. The exfoliating particles are quite fine, but you still feel it on your face so you know it's working. The best part of this is that the product contains real fruit and ingredients - when I read the label, I really understand what is in it. I would definitely repurchase this item.

10. Ole Henrickson - Truth Serum
 - I have a few bottles of this in the deluxe sample size. I do love it, it's one of those products where you see that your face is clearer and brighter, it isn't that BAM in your face but you definitely see a difference when you stop using it. I incorporate this before I use my moisturizer and I will repurchase this for sure, at some point, not right now.

11. Face Masks - Royal Jelly Mask
- I love face masks. They are like sheets of instant gratification. Whatever you want to treat, there is a mask out there for you. Hydrating, Brightening, Tightening you name it. I buy these at Pacific Mall - they sell them in boxes, lots of different types and usually goes for 2 boxes for $25-$30 and there are about 8-10 in each box, depending what type you get. I use a mask at least once a week, but only managed to save one. My favorites are the strawberry yogurt and this Royal Jelly one..

12. NEW! Lush Shampoo Bar 
- I have used this on and off for 8 years now. This was what really helped my thinning hair situation. When I went to school in London, Ontario (Western) my residence had really really old pipes, so the water that came out was really hard and I kid you not, CHUNKS of hair would fall out at once. By the end of the year, I had really thin and almost bald spots in 1-2 areas. If my hair was greasy, you could see my scalp - it really wasn't pretty and it made me lose alot of confidence. My hairdresser said that one of her clients actually went to Lush and got the NEW! bar - which is for "stimulating and reviving" your roots. It has a blend of cinnamon, mint and clove and I wet the bar, rub it directly into my scalp, lather up and let it sit for 2-3 minutes while I wash my body, and rinse off. I use this 3x a week? and I have to follow up with a hair mask or heavy duty conditioner. This does have a drying effect to your hair, but honestly, it has helped so much of my hair grow back, that I don't mind the dryness. I use the macadamia hair mask to repair any dryness and I am definitely not complaining and will continue to repurchase this.

13. Big Sexy Hair - Dry Shampoo
- this was okay, I bought it because it was the only one I knew in the market a few months back that had no white cast when you sprayed it. However, since then I have discovered Amika (holy grail) and Co-Lab, which is slowly rising to my holy-grail list (it just finally arrived in Canada a few weeks ago). I dont think I will be repurchasing this at $20...the smell of the spray was very "typical hairspray" so it didn't even make me feel refreshed. 

I hope you found this segment of empties useful and that it'll help you out if you're thinking of purchasing any of these items!

Until next time - XO, M.

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  1. That NEW! Lush bar sounds really interesting! Always loving your reviews.