Product: Wax A Way Sugar Wax
Site/Info: http://waxaway.ca/

let me start by saying OMG!! I am in LOVE with this product. This beats my current waxing regiment (which is a cream based wax with a wax warmer from Sally Beauty). I prefer to throw this in the microwave for about 20 seconds, stir it around and let cool if need be. This helps the product to be applied in a thin layer without any resistance. By resistance, I mean that when it is cold, the sugar doesn't spread as well so you end up pulling your hairs. Honestly everyone, I waxed my hubs chest with this and he didn't even feel it when I pulled off the strip. It took every little hair (even little ones that are growing out) with one swift pull. The 2nd amazing part is that it is EASY TO CLEAN when you're done. Typically with regular waxes, you have to get a wax remover oil to remove the residue, however with this you just hop in the shower and it washes off (since it's sugar). I used some soap and warm water to wash the popsicle stick and it is ready to be used again.

I recommended this to everyone of my friends and coworkers. It is amazing! I am forever changed and will be converting to this and leaving my old waxing kit. You can find this at Loblaws or the Superstores and various different stores listed on their site. Trust me, give this a try - you will definately change your mind about waxing because this is the most painless way out of all the ways I've tried!

Until Next Time - XO, M

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