FTB Beauty Mini Haul

Ever wanted to buy certain makeup items that you see on social media but once you realize that 1) it's from the states and 2) by the time you purchase it, convert it to Canadian dollars and 3) pay for shipping/handling and sometimes customs/duties, it's honestly just NOT worth it because it ends up being triple the original cost?? yea ... that was me, until i discovered FTBbeauty.ca


What they do is they purchase from the states for you and sell it in Canada, so that it saves you from all that additional hassle. Right now, they lowered the minimum purchase amount to $50 to get free shipping! In addition, they carry brands like BH Cosmetics, NYX (I love their butter glosses), Bdellium Tools, Sigma Brushes and so forth...

They currently have a pop-up store set up for the month of July and August on Queen Street if you ever wanted to check out the products in person.

Until next time, XO - M.

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