Thomson Park Playtime

Bentley Play Time 
Location: Thomson Park
I decided to throw in a random post about Bentley - for all you Bentley fans out there :) I find that going after work, around 6:30pm-7pm is prime time at the dog park - there are always 10+ small dogs there waiting to play with each other. Like I've said previously, they divide the park into different fenced sections for different sized dogs, so I always feel safe bringing him there. 

When he walked into the park that day, other dogs were already coming up to him and initiating play time - look at how happy he is playing with his friends :) - he totally let out all his extra energy and ran circles around everyone. I swear, he's the fastest shih tzu out there (I think it's his long legs.. hahaha :))

Until next time, XO - M.

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