August Long Weekend in Muskoka

On long weekends, we try to leave the busy and loud city of Toronto behind and go spend some time with our family who lives in Muskoka. It is a great time for some R&R and good eats and not to mention, soaking up the sun and being able to enjoy the quietness of the great outdoors. I've included some pictures of my recent visit below .. I hope you enjoy! Sorry for the belated post, been so caught up at work and other stuff..

Cookstown Outlet Mall - Imperial Meats
Hot Assorted Italian Sandwhich on tomato bread - super delicious! Everytime we head up north, hubs and I always have to make a pitstop at the Cookstown outlet JUST to eat the sandwiches. 

Took the sandwiches to go and ate it on the deck with a Mcdonald's Ice Coffee.

On Friday Night, it was "Midnight Madness" in Bracebridge. The stores downtown are open extended hours to midnight and there's food, music and games.

um... BEST DONUTS EVERRRRRRR.. melt in your mouth GOODNESS! got these covered in cinnamon sugar... mmmmmm.....

I spy with my little eye, a cute little watch dog :)

After we walked around downtown, we went back to our uncle's restaurant to enjoy an amazing birthday feast for one of our aunts. Food includes steamed fish, lobster, crab and much more... droool.

Mango mousse bday cake to follow for dessert!

What did you guys do for your long weekend?!?

Until next time, XO - M.

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