Swatch: Zoya - Twinkling (Holiday 2019)*

For this year's Holiday launch, Zoya has released its Twinkling Collection completed with 12 shades in a variety of finishes that retails for $10 usd a bottle. I have these beautiful babies swatched below so I'd love to know which ones are your favorite shades! 

I am always so surprised to see how some of these polishes swatch as what I normally would not gravitate to, or would think look a certain way when swatched always surprises me and looks completely different - for example the shade Jett below, I thought would be a silver top coat - but it ended up being a fully opaque silver shade with glitter running through it and dries down matte. Such a wonderful surprise, I love it!

Swatched from left to right we have:
Jett - frosted silver with glitter (metallic) that dries to a matte
Alessia - icy blue with silver glitter (metallic)
Jen - sapphire blue (pearl)
Sedona - deep burgundy (pearl)
Gabi - dark rich eggplant purle (cream)
Rosa - a bright fuschia pink  (pearl)

Swatched from left to right:
Kaede -gold metallic fleck with a holo foil - works great as an overlay. 
Enza - beige macadamia (cream)
Steph - pastel ballet baby pink (cream)
Mai - rosewood (cream)
Tieran - charcoal grey (cream)
Tanya - festive holiday red (cream)

The shades I really loved this time include: Jett, Alessia, Gabi, Tanya and Tieran. 

All of the polishes are swatched with two coat to deliver that even finish.

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own. 

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