Review: JOICO - JOIFULL Haircare Collection*

Postpartum hair loss, it's a real thing that I struggle with... and with my already pre-existing thin hair, the amount of hair that I'm losing from postpartum as well as everyday stress is really taking a toll on me. As a result, I find myself willing to try any type of hair product that promises hair growth, volume or both? Let me know if you ever find a product that does that!

I was recently fortunate enough to be sent the brand new Joifull collection by Joico to test out which features the: 1. Volumizing Shampoo 2. Volumizing Conditioner and 3. Volumizing Styler. These products are said to give you big, bouncy and volumizing hair with a styler that will not leave your hair feeling crunchy or sticky.
I must say, I truly have to agree with their claims about the products not supposed to be leaving your hair feeling crunchy or sticky. Alot of volumizing styling products I use leave your hair stuck together and unable to brush out, it's almost like you have a knot if your hair which for people like me that already feels like they're losing a majority of their hair - the feeling of tugging on your hair while brushing it is not ideal!

The styler did volumize my hair and leave it silky and added some oompf to my hair strands - did it last for days? no but hey getting a full day of wear with volume means ALOT to me. 

The shampoo was great, it dispenses in a thicker gel like formula so you really do not need alot, but it lathers into a beautiful light weight foam that gently cleanses all the dirt and gunk from your scalp. My scalp felt clean without feeling stripped which is ideal.

The conditioner is also a thicker than normal consistency, almost similar to that of a mask so again you do not need alot of product to use on the mid shaft to ends of your hair. I really liked the fact that it conditioned my balayaged (color-treated) ends well and left it soft and silky with some shine. I appreciate the fact that it did not weigh down my hair either. 

The scent of these products are fantastic and I am thoroughly impressed with these items. I also really liked the fact that my scalp did not feel sensitive or lost any extra hair in the drain (I've seen that before with other brands were chunks of my hair would be in the hair catcher and it's mortifying!). The formulation of these products is great for people with thin hair like me! It is gentle, does the job well and gives the volume I need. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent for consideration, all opinions are my own.

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