Mother's Day 2017: Gift Guide

Mother's Day is coming up next weekend and if you're looking for some gift ideas for your mom, mother figure or mother-in-law etc, then I hope this guide will be able to help you out. My mom and mother-in-law are very much into practical gifts, the definition of this would be something that would be beneficial to them. Scarves, purses, jewelry won't really hold any weight with them, but giving them for example some sort of skincare that they can use that they would never normally splurge on, would be ideal. Back in years past, during Christmas or her birthday or Mother's day we'd try to get her something thoughtful, meaningful but every time, my mother-in-law would say "WHY? know I want the skincare! it's good for me" hahahaha... so yes, I hear what they say and I'm here to deliver. So, if you know someone who is into the skincare as well - then I highly suggest you to continue reading :)

Though some of you may think that giving anti-aging skin-care may be offensive, I guess I really wouldn't see it that way. I mean it's truthful, your skin does mature and age, and even me being in my early 30s, I have already started to use anti-aging products. The reason I personally use it is for preventative measures. You can't necessarily go back in time and reverse the results of aging, of crows feet, wrinkles etc.

First up, we have the Elizabeth Arden - Advanced Ceramide Capsules, Daily Youth Restoring Serum*. This can be used Day and Night and helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, supports natural collagen for a firmer look, improves skin's radiance, retexturizes and revitalizes your skin for a noticeably smoother, softer and healthier appearance while keeping it hydrated. Lastly, it is preservative and fragrance free and is dermatologist tested - the little capsules once used are also biodegradable. 

To use, you just twist open the narrow part of the capsule and smooth the serum over your entire face, neck and upper chest area - use this after you cleanse and tone your face, before your moisturizer. This product is pricier, it's around $90-$125 depending on which size you get.


A little lower on the price tag is Dr. Roebuck's Anti-Aging Reverse Aging Serum* at $79.95. This product is a very light weight and hydrating serum that absorbs very quickly into the skin. It contains the CNYouth Molecule MD and natural oxidants to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This product helps to plump up your skin, making it more youthful and bouncy/elastic and I find that it made my skin appear to be brighter.

A similar product at the lowest end of the three would be the ANEW Platinum - Firm and Sculpt Cream for Neck and Chest*. This is also for the neck, face and upper chest and is used to address wrinkles and sagginess. This product is to be used in the PM after cleansing and toner, serum and costs $45. 

 Alright, let's talk moisturizes, let's talk about something that I have been absolutely loving, it is quite pricey though so brace yourself. It is priced at $122 and is the Fresh - Black Tea Firming Corset Cream*. The name of this product performs exactly as it suggests, it works to help your face and neck to improve elasticity. it provides a corset-like effect to shape and tighten your face. It's great for those that are experiencing some looseness, loss of elasticity and seeing some fine lines appearing. This is a very light weight formula and contains a fermented black tea (komboucha), blackberry leaf and lychee seed extract to inhibit damaging free radicals and help improve skin elasticity. The Goji fruit improves firmness and delays signs of aging. This fruity tea cocktail is, to me, worth every penny! And at this price tag, it will sure be a nice treat and gift to your loved one.

If you want to stay away from skincare products, I would suggest that you can buy a skincare device that can help amp up their skin cleansing routine. Most people will use their hands to wash their face, and would think twice before investing in something like an electronic cleanser. This cute little baby is the Clarisonic Mia Fit*, and it retails at $269. It is waterproof, comes in two speeds and is gentle enough to use everyday in your skincare routine. It works to gently vibrate and buff out the skin's impurities, makeup and sunscreen 6x better than with just your hands. It comes with a two year warranty and I would suggest that you change your brush head every few months (depending I guess on how often you use it if you wanted to save a bit of cash). This product won the Glamour Award for Best Tool or Device for Skin in their Best Splurgeworthy Skincare Product of 2016. 

On the Sephora site, they state that in a self-assessment on 50 women after 4 weeks, using Mia Fit device with Radiance Brush Head and Skin Illuminating Cleanser:
- 100% claim the regimen effectively removes impurities (dirt, oil, and sebum) from the skin
- 100% agree their skin feels deeply cleansed after use
- 100% say the device fits comfortably in their hand
- 96% have softer, smoother, and more refreshed-feeling skin 
- 96% are satisfied overall with the Mia Fit cleansing system
- 94% claim their skin looks more radiant
- 94% say that Setting 1 feels gentle on the skin 
- 92% agree Setting 2 leaves skin feeling refreshed post workout

Again, this product is definitely something that your loved one may think twice about or even hesitate to buy themselves as I mean, spending about $300 with taxes on something you can achieve with your hands seems crazy. But honestly, after I have included this in my skincare routine, my skin has evened out, less dry skin, black heads being buffed out and just an overall more radiance to the skin. 

One thing to note is that when you are powering off the device, to hold down the power button for 3-5 seconds until it fully shuts off, or else it will stay on and drain the battery. 


What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time - XO, M. 

*products included in this post were sent for review, but opinions are my own. Please note that as a beauty blogger I do get sent various amounts of product for review, however I am truthful and would only recommend the products I truly think are worth it. 

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