Burt's Bees - 2017 New Shades & Flavors Review and Swatches*

Burt's Bees is a brand that I am quite familiar with - I have been using their lip balm since I was in high school and it only came in one flavor/scent back then and it was a clear balm. It has been many years since my high school days (let's not say how many now to avoid embarrassment) and  Burt's Bees has come a long way. They now have skincare, body care and a larger range of cosmetics.

I was graciously sent this PR package from Burt's Bees which features their 2017 additions - it contains 16 New Shades and 3 New Flavors of Lip Balms. I was sent Flavor Crystal Lip Balms that provide hydration and concentrated fruit juice crystals, Lipsticks that offer a luscious, full-coverage color, Gloss Crayons in lush colors that glides on effortlessly and Tinted Lip Oils that offer a sheer wash of color packed full of moisture. 

To make the best review possible, I decided to do a swatch post for you guys both on the hand and also on my lips - that way you can see the texture of it, and whether it is true to color.

First off, we have the Natural Lipsticks - these contain Moringa and Raspberry Seed Oil as well as beeswax. It provides 8 hours of moisturization and the packaging is made up of 60% post-consumer recylced plastic and is 100% natural. These are so smooth and the swatch pictures below are just made with one swipe - it has a very light juicy scent and doesn't settle in fine lines. My favorite color is Doused Rose a pretty baby pink, perfect for spring!


The product below, the Gloss Lip Crayon is my FAVORITE out of all the lip products sent. They are so creamy, so moisturizing and just so beautiful. It's an effortless product that doesn't require much thought behind it. One swipe deposits clear even color that isn't patchy. My favorite color is Pacific Coast, a beautiful blue-toned red that packs on the drama but is suitable for everyday as well. Bordeaux Vines is the darkest of the crayons sent, and I find that it is extra emollient - it seems to bleed a bit more and I needed to make sure to check the mirror quite often to make sure I didn't accidentally look like a clown. 


The Tinted Lip Oils are perfect for those who want a sheer wash of color - by sheer, I really do mean sheer. These only offer a very light deposit of color, your natural lip color will peek through the oil - that's why I would recommend these to people who are looking more for the benefits of the product or the gloss, it can also act as a layering product. I naturally gravitate to pink tones so Whispering Orchid is the one that gave me the right amount of pink. 


 Lastly, there are two Lip Balms in Red Raspberry and Sweet Orange - these are your standard lip balms that are clear, but moisturizing and smells like what they are called. I currently have Sweet Orange in my purse :) the Citrus zing is very refreshing! And I like to apply this under liquid lipsticks :)

What are some of your favorite colors and formulas listed above? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.

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