L'oreal Paris Hair Expertise: Ever Haircare - Deep Nourishing and Balancing Collection Review*

Ever by L'Oreal Paris is the leading sulfate-free haircare system, providing gentle yet indulgent formulas specifically designed to protect the integrity of hair since 2009. Now in 2017, the Ever franchise has been updated with better packaging, brand new formulations and even better fragrances. These products continue to be 100% sulfate-free, dye free, paraben free, vegan and is gentle on colored hair. 

It contains a unique combination of botanical ingredients and are water based containing Aloe Water, and Hyaluronic Acid to provide the best form of hydration to the skin. It is said to provide 72 hours of intense hydration and I believe it... I mean, honestly if I love hyaluronic acid for skincare, then why not for haircare!

For the Color-Treated hair, they have the following collections: Moisture, Volume, Frizz-Defy, Blonde, Repair and Defend. 

For the Specialty Care line, the following collections exist: Deep Nourish, Hydracharge, Keratin Caring, Thickening and Balancing.

I was sent the Deep Nourish and Balancing Shampoo Collection - the Shampoos and Conditioners are $10.99 each, and the Treatments (pictured above) are $15.99. 

The Deep Nourish Collection as the name suggests, is for deep nourishing and hydration - it is meant to repair damaged hair and offers deep TLC for your hair. It contains Apricot Oil and has a very warm fragrance. This product was too heavy for my thin hair, and I became greasy faster than desired so I passed this off to a friend to try. 

Now, onto the brand New collection that I love the scent of! This is the Balancing Collection which contains Indian Lilac. I don't know what that is, but it smells divine... it's almost like herbal like, with a bit of floral scent. Love it! This is the first balancing haircare system - it is sulfate-free and gently cleanses and refreshes the scalp to replenish hair with essential moisture. The scalp is balanced, restored and your hair becomes soft , shiny and manageable. . 

It comes in a Shampoo + Conditioner as well as a Micro-Exfolating Scrub for the scalp. It contains really granular exfoliating particles that help to remove impurities of the scalp and helps break up any build-up. 

I really enjoyed this collection, the shampoo and conditioner really helped to add moisture to my hair, without weighing any of it down and helped keep my hair soft and smooth without any frizziness or tangles. The exfoliating scrub to me seemed gimmicky at first, but put a dollop of this on your hand, and rub it into your scalp and just let it work its magic. You feel the granules/apricot seeds rub over your scalp cleansing it. Just be careful to really wash it throughly so that the scrubby bits get outta your hair. But afterwards, my scalp felt cleaner and more weightless - like all of that gunky built up dry shampoo on the scalp was gone. 

Until next time, XO - M.

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