Creating your perfect canvas with Cover FX*

Achieving a perfect canvas is always something I have searched for. I love the flawless look, but hate the appearance of what may seem to be 20 pounds of make-up on my face and looking cakey and very obviously like I put a ton of foundation on. Also, nothing feels worse than feeling like you have the weight of a heavy foundation on.  I recently had the pleasure of learning all about Cover Fx and I just had to share with my readers on how I go about creating my perfect canvas. It works well for photography as well as for events and I haven't stopped using these products since I got them. 

Below is a before picture, there is nothing on my face except for skincare - toner, serum and moisturizer.

I then primed my face and took additional moisturizer (gel based for spring) and mixed in 3 drops of Custom Cover Drops in G30 and buffed that all over my face and applied the Cream Concealer in G-Light. 

Next, to add some dimension to the face, I used the Contour Kit in G-Light Medium. 

If you look at the insert card on the contour kit, it provides detail step by step instructions on how to use the kit and where to apply the product -  I just simply replicated the cards and then blended it out. To get rid of any harsh lines, I took a dense buffing brush and tapped it once into the Total Cover Cream Foundation in G-30 with a brush to get rid of any harsh lines left behind from the contour kit. 

I love the Total Cover Cream Foundation - you only need the smallest amount and once buffed into the skin, it turns into powder. I use this also in lip swatch posts, and it works wonders! It buff a bit over my lips and it completely neutralizes it and covers any staining so that I am ready for the next swatch. 

Next, I apply the Perfect Setting Powder in Light/Medium Natural Finish under the eyes and on the T-zone to set everything and prevent creasing or shininess. 

To add more of a bronzed look, I apply the Perfect Setting Powder in Medium/Deep around the outer perimeters of the face. These products are quite multi-functional and I love it - it's so finely milled and pigmented and really does the job. 

Lastly, to secure all the hard work I've done, I set it with the Illuminating Setting Spray. This spray contains very fine mica that gives you an ethereal look and in photos, you look even more radiant and airbrushed. I really want to try the Mattifying Primer though, I used it on the back of my hand and it was beautiful - it was matte, it just works.

As you can see from the photos below, the combined products really do offer a flawless canvas and looks fantastic in photos. It also just makes your skin look so perfect and almost airbrushed. I can guarantee that I did not do any type of photoshopping below - just adjusted the contrast a bit. This also works well for my oily combo skin and does not melt off or transfer with time.

Until next time, XO - M.

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