2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers!

I have been loving to create these Holiday Gift Guides for you guys! And while the last two contained a mix of higher priced items, I think that my Stocking Stuffers edition will suit most peoples' budget without breaking the bank :) 

The first batch of items centers around the hands - The manicure travel set from Avon (that I've recently reviewed here), paired with a polish from Essence Cosmetics for around $2 is a good set. Pick a neutral color as it is most likely to compliment people's tastes. If you want to add a bit of luxury and spoil them, include a bottle of high-end polish, something that most people won't do. I mean, people won't typically spend $20 on a bottle of polish so people seeing that in their stocking will surely surprise them. Lastly, if you really want to top it all off, you can include a small bottle of hand and nail cream so they can include it in their purse, take it on the go or keep it at work on their desk. 

Next - the focus is around lips. from lip balms to glosses, lipsticks and liquid lipsticks I've got you covered :) EOS lipbalms though not the most moisturizing lipbalm I've ever used sure has some adorable packaging and yummy flavors and scents. For e.g. the three featured are winterberry, passion fruit and my favorite HONEY APPLE! 

The next one that I LOVE is the Flawless by Friday Lip Serum - The honey smooths and moisturizes the lips, while the gold increases collagen production to add plumpness to your lips, making them appear more youthful.

This trio of mini liquid lipsticks from Sephora is one of the newer products to launch. There were balms, glosses, and lipsticks - however liquid lipsticks is an ultra pigmented wash of color that dries to a matte or semi-matte finish on your lips. Stila is one of my favorite brands who creates liquid lipsticks, they do not have a weird taste, do not crack when dry on your lips and offer a wide array of wearable colors. 

Lastly, for those who are just a lover of the original lipstick - there are these beauties from The Face Shop. I quite enjoy their formula - it is buttery, pigmented and glides on the lips to deliver the perfect amount of color in one swipe. Below features the original lipstick in a bullet and then there's the slim tube as well for those who enjoy a more detailed application.

The one pair of lashes that I loved the most and will continuously repurchase is the pair from Esquido. Yes these lashes are around $35-40 but I have no joke, re-used a pair at least 10+ times and they are still going strong. They are ultra light-weight, thin banned and look so gorgeous and fluttery! They have so many styles to choose from and they even help you select a style perfect for your eye shape - i.e. hooded, down-turned, wide, almond shaped etc. 

For those of you who are looking to dabble into aromatherapy or know someone who is interested in a more natural approach and holistic care, I highly recommend products from Saje. Particularly this Pocket Farmacy. This is actually a gift that I am giving someone, I have one of my own in a wooden stand - this one is housed in a small bag that makes it perfect to tuck into your bag/purse etc. My favorite is Stress Release and Peppermint Halo. I apply these to my pressure points  (they are rollerballs) and it really does work, for the Peppermint Halo, I like to run it along the middle to the base of the back of my neck, as well as my temples and it has replaced my need about 80% of the time to take an advil when I have a migraine. I know that aromatherapy may not be for everyone, but I am also the type who believes that you have honestly nothing to lose if you try something new. If you do end up finding something you like, all the better. This is pricy, at about $60 but you can also purchase these individually - but the individual ones are 10ml vs. these ones being 6ml and are priced at $27. So this one is a pretty good way

Lastly, face masks, face masks and MORE FACE MASKS!! There are so many different types from different brands addressing a wide variety of skin concerns. There are ones to help with hydration, brightening, acne-fighting, lifting, tightening etc. These masks are also relatively inexpensive - they range from $3-9 a piece. My favorite brands are attached here - Skin Republic, The Face Shop and  lastly from the brands Innisfree and Mizon.

Guys, I have an amazing chance to offer you a 15% discount code at TakeGoodCare. This is a site where you can purchase Korean skincare products from a huge collection of different brands - I highly suggest that you take advantage of this generous offer now. I do not make any commission off of this, the people at Take Good Care just wanted to give me the chance to offer something to my readers, they are so sweet, so generous and a great company. They take care in packaging your products and they come safe and sound. 

Until next time, XO - M.

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