UD Gwen Stefani Blush Palette Review and Swatches

Blushes, my weakness - paired with the fact that this is limited edition, has set my "I NEED IT" desire very high. For those of you who are fans of beauty products or even of Gwen Stefani, will know that she had collaborated with Urban Decay to release an eye palette recently. This time around, she has launched a blush palette as well as lip pencils and lipsticks

Everything about this collection is said to be created in partnership with Gwen, from the color selection to the packaging itself.

The palette comes with a full sized mirror, which is pretty convenience if you decide to take this palette on the go while you're travelling, you can just use this one. And on the bottom right side of the mirror, you see "Magic's In the Makeup" stenciled on.

There are 6 blushes total, 0.09oz each and the palette is valued at $60 CAD. This totals to $10 a blush. The consistency is buttery smooth and rich in pigment (except for OC). Please see below for the swatches. 

I appreciate the inclusion of matte and shimmer blushes and Angel actually makes for a beautiful hilight. Also, the mix of both cool and warm toned blushes basically makes this a perfect beginner palette for those of you coveting pink, coral and terracota - toned blushes.

Overall, I am thoroughly enjoying this blush palette. However, the packaging I have to say is on the bulkier and heavier side making me very unlikely to actually take this travelling with me. This is more of a collector's item and will be remaining on my vanity (plus it's just some eye candy to look at as well)

As I had created this post last week, and scheduled it to go live today, I wanted to update my readers with my thoughts after using this product thoroughly for a week. While this palette once again, is gorgeous - I find that for the darker skin tone girls, or even medium to tanned skin ladies, the palette may be a bit underwhelming. Angel, Lo-Fi, Hush and OC were essentially starting to look the same on my skin tone and I used Angel as a hilight. Lo-Fi was unfortunately a bit too orange toned to be used as a bronzer. Therefore, I think that while this really is a collector's item as it is limited edition and also a collaboration with Gwen, I ended up having to return this as it just wasn't worth it for me to keep around just for 2-3 shades that I would really be using - too bad, but I wanted to at least be honest with you all and let you know my true opinions.

Until next time, XO - M.

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