Annabelle - Big Show Lacquer Swatches and Review*

Annabelle Cosmetics is helping us get ready for Spring with these lip lacquers in vibrant and glossy shades. With these, Annabelle states that you get the benefits of 3 products in 1: the saturated color of a lipstick, the lustrous finish of a gloss and the long lasting color of a stain - what are my thoughts on these? Keep reading and I'll let you know.

These retail for $9.95 and are available for purchase at and in stores as of January 2016.

So here are my thoughts - The lacquers come in a light, non-sticky formula which I greatly appreciate. I long for a gloss that doesn't become sticky or have your hair get stuck on it if it catches on your gloss - I HATE THAT. They also have a really light fruity scent that isn't overwhelming. As for the three claims above, I agree with the highly saturated color with the glossy finish, however I do not 100% agree with the staining property. The lightest color - Adore Simply, does not stain your lips. The most effective one would have to be the darker shades - Love Fiercely and Hypnotize Deeply, but even still the staining is very light. Do not expect an all day tint on your lips after the gloss is gone.

Overall, at $9.95 a pop, I do believe they are worth it as something similar would run you at least double the price at a department store. I give these products a 8.5/10 (only because of the lack of staining/tint that should have lasted), I thoroughly enjoyed everything else.

Keep in mind that these lacquers do have a pearl sheen to them - so if you are a lover of a one-dimension, one toned lipgloss, you might not be a fan of these. The pearl finish does give you a beautiful pout to the lips :) The least evident of the pearl finish can be found in the darker shades, the lighter shades are pretty evident, especially on the lightest shade - Adore Simply.

Here are some pictures of the lip products swatched on my lips - my favorite shade would have to be Love Fiercely and Hypnotize Deeply - they are both so ultra pigmented and was perfect for me during Valentines Day :)

Have you tried any new drugstore products lately that you fell in love with? I have to admit that I was weary of trying out drugstore products for the longest time, but for the last year or so - I really think that they have really improved in product quality and selection, and it also has really proved to be a good competitor to their more expensive counterparts. 

Until next time, XO - M.

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