Paula's Choice Skincare Routine*

For those of you who have been a follower/reader of my blog or who know me in person, will know that I take my skincare routine very seriously. It takes me a long time to research a product, to try it out, and to determine whether or not I like it and to incorporate it into my daily/weekly routine.

A month or so ago, I was invited to try out the Paula's Choice line from Pretty In My Pocket - an online beauty community (accessible via their website or an app for your phone) featuring beauty lovers who love to share their honest opinions with each other and their readers. I obviously had to jump at this chance to try out their line, and can't wait to share with you all my results. Before I do that however, I thought I'd share with you some information about Paula's Choice for those of you who haven't heard about the company or line of products before.

Paula's Choice offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee (within 60 days) on their products. They do not test on animals and their products contain no irritating dyes or fragrances. They are committed to excellent customer service, education and assisting people to find the best products with their skin. Actually, before you even make a purchase, you can call for a FREE personal skincare consultation by calling 1-800-831-4088 - they can help you identify which range or specific products from their line is suitable for you. They have various product lines that cater to everyone - if you have acne, rosacea, signs of aging, or enlarged pores - they will have a product for you. If you don't want to call in, you can always go to their website and choose from their menu of skincare concerns you would like to treat.

My Experience

To begin, I had a 10 minute phone consultation with the Paula's Choice Skin Expert by calling them at the 1-800 number above. I was able to tell her exactly what my concerns were which was I felt that my skin was feeling a bit dull in the past few months, that I had a few blocked pores, occasional hormonal and stress breakouts and I wanted to protect my skin from aging as I am approaching 30 in the next few months. Based on my explanation of my skin concerns, I was recommended the Resist Advanced Kit for Wrinkles and Breakouts for Normal to Oily Skin. 

Shipping took about a week, not bad, and came carefully packed with extra goodies which would help one who isn't normally used to a more detailed skincare regiment. 

These labels really helped me in the beginning, in determining which products I had to use in the AM/PM, and what steps to use it in. Also, having labels indicating what is a weekly treatment helps too. This would ease any beginner when starting a detailed skincare routine and helps one to not feel so intimidated.

It also comes with a card explaining a way to use the products - a simple routine vs. a more detailed one (supercharge it). I used the supercharge it routine to make sure I am benefiting from the line entirely.

A product card also breaks down each product individually and explains what the specific product is used for and why, including instructions on how to use it and when. 

Products that were sent to me
(Please note that the products listed below is not in the order of the skincare routine prescribed to me - the skincare routine I use is in the image above)
* Information and product description is summarized directly from the Paula's Choice website.

Cream-based cleanser, gentle enough to remove your makeup. It helped remove my regular mascara, but was a bit tough to remove stubborn waterproof mascara

2. Resist Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner-($23)
This product helps with anti-aging, enlarged pores and wrinkles. It is best suited for combination/oily skin and helps build collagen for firmer skin.

** This is one of my favorite products!! **
It is a watery and light weight moisturizer infused with SPF which helps protect your face from sun damage. It is also mattifying and dries to a silky smooth satin finish. It hydrates without being greasy and minimizes pores, protects and stimulates collagen for firmer skin.

This is a night cream that isn't too thick or greasy at all. It contains anti-aging properties to combat any redness, enlarge pores or wrinkles. It improves your skin's texture while you sleep.

** Another favorite product!! **
This ultra light weight serum is packed with antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients to fight signs of aging. It is packed with Vitamin C and niacinamide promote firmer skin and fewer wrinkles. Potent antioxidants overturns free-radical damage and soothing anti-irritants reduce inflammation and helps to repair sun damage. It is a silky serum that absorbs into the skin really quickly leaving a dry finish.

I use this after the toner, and it has a slightly irony smell to it. It works to unclog and minimize pores, eliminates blackheads and bumps. It exfoliates inside the pore and skin's surface to improve the skin texture. Antioxidants stimulate collagen production and reduces wrinkles. 

This is a weekly treatment that dispenses in a foam consistency and turns to a liquid. It contains salicylic acid plus soothing ingredients to unclog pores, reduce redness and stimulate collagen production. Although there is salicylic acid in this product, it does not cause any flaking or skin irritation. 

Contains a powerful retinol concentrate that is lightweight enough to mix into any serum or moisturizer you currently own allowing you to to customize the strength you need in a product to treat signs of aging or uneven skin tone. The retinol and antioxidants stimulate collagen production and repairs past damage for firmer skin. 

** Another Favorite !! **
This contains 15% Vitamin C to fade brown spots, firm and brighten complexion. Ferulic Acid boosts antioxidant benefits to defend against photo-aging. It is a very light consistency and can also be added to any moisturizer or serum to work together with your current skin regiment.

Overall Thoughts
I really appreciate how the products are packaged. For example, the moisturizer is in a pump bottle or squeeze tube vs. a jar in which you open and close which keeps the product hygienic and reduces the exposure of the products to the outside elements which can ruin your product overtime. 

I love how Paula's choice offers skincare that delivers results on a budget - last year, I used similar products from another company, which were triple the price but the results weren't as amazing as those offered here. The daily moisturizer allows me to apply makeup flawlessly and keeps my greasy t-zone at bay! Normally I would need touch up my nose and oily spots by noon, but with this product I was able to wait it out until late afternoon. My coworkers actually commented on how airbrushed and flawless my skin looked since using this moisturizer! Also, since using these products, I haven't had much hormonal or stress breakouts since, so thank goodness :) I think that the skin consultation I had was spot-on in helping me identify my needs and I love the personalizing of products involved - having a specialist tell you what you should use is great so you don't have to go into this blindly. 

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Until next time - XO, M

*This post was sponsored by Paula's Choice & PRIMP, all opinions are my own*

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