Arbonne Intelligence Lip Treatment Review *

I was recently sent the Arbonne Intelligence Lip Treatment for review. It promises to soften the appearance of fine lines on the lips and contours, and supports the skin's natural moisture barrier. As a result, your lips are replenished, hydrated and moisturized. It is also said to enhance the appearance of lip volume and multitasks as a primer for lipstick or gloss. This is retailed at $46.

This product is Vegan, formulated without gluten and is a cream formula which absorbs quickly. If you look at the picture below, you can see exactly how thick this product is when it is dispensed from the tube.

You are to use this product morning and night as part of your skincare regiment. Gently pat it all over your clean lips and follow-up with either lipstick or gloss if you choose to.

Clinical Instrumentation Results after 3 days - as provided by Arbonne:
- 31% measured improvement in lip moisture
- 29% measured improvement in the appearance of lip volume was shown
- 19% measured improvement in the appearance of firmness was shown.

Clinical Grading Results after 3 days - as provided by Arbonne:
- 17% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles on and around the lips was shown

Consumer Perception Results after 3 days - as provided by Arbonne:
- 90% said their lips looked more youthful.

Please note that the above 3 statistics are based on a study of 20 women, which seems like a rather small sample population of people.

My thoughts:
The price of the product at $46 is really steep and I frankly don't think it's worth that price. Although it did provide moisture to my lips, I cannot comment on the volume or firmness of the lip. In addition, there is an interesting taste to the product, it almost tastes like perfume, but it doesn't smell like perfume. It's quite confusing. The sample population is also quite low for the data accumulated from the studies. When I look at the package of the product, there's ALOT of ingredients in it, and 90% of them I don't understand. I usually like to use products with a more simplified ingredient list, and would also contain the names of ingredients that I can understand. Take a look at the picture below that I've included. Overall, maybe this would be more beneficial to more mature clientele who may see the results of this product more over time.

Until next time, XO - M.

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