Lunch with Anna Sui hosted by Dave Leckie

I had the absolute pleasure and fortune of being selected as one of the lucky people to have lunch with Anna Sui and Dave Leckie.

The event took place the past Friday at Arcadian Lofts in downtown Toronto (food pics below) and it was quite the event! Dave told us that he has never heard of Anna having a sit-down intimate lunch with just a few beauty lovers, bloggers and us everyday people...and I must say, it really and truly was an honor!

When I arrived, the room was decorated with Anna Sui beauty products and little gift bags for us. The tables had roses, which I learnt was her favorite flower and the reason to why her cosmetics are scented like roses. Shade 400 is her favorite lipstick, rightfully named as Anna Red. She describes it as not being too pink or orange, has a bit of blue and perfect for photographs.

Dorothy Draper was the inspiration behind her newly renovated makeup counters as well as her apartment. Her beauty advice for all: be comfortable with what you're wearing and have fun. Experimentation and fantasy play a key role and don't feel like you need to have the same look everyday - take advantage of all special occasions to doll up!

As you can see in the pictures below, Anna sat with us at our table and took the time to come to talk and take selfies/pictures with all of us. Dave did a short interview with her in the beginning of lunch, and also for CityLine and had our pictures taken at the Anna Sui backdrop. The lunch was absolutely delicious and I think all of us really were just in awe of how down to earth, sweet and approachable Anna was. I hope that you all enjoy the pictures below! Once again, Thank you Dave for this wonderful opportunity!!

Until next time, M. 



Our little goodie bags :)


  1. How ultra exciting! Anna Sui is my all-time favourite designer and I love the aesthetic of her makeup line- it's gorgeous :)


    1. this really was a once in a lifetime opportunity! Anna is so incredibly sweet and down to earth! and i agree, her makeup and designs are so flirty and fun!

  2. Omg that's incredible that you got to meet her!!

    1. YES! sorry for the last reply - but I think that will be one of the coolest memories/opportunities in my life!! loll