Friday Favorite ft. Saje Natural Wellness

A friend of mine introduced me to Saje Natural Wellness and I am eternally grateful to her. She told me that she bought a small humidifier where you could put natural oils in it and it would lightly fill the room with the scent of whatever oil you have in it. Upon doing more research, I found out that it has plenty of other benefits including: air purifier, deodorizer, allergen remover and a negative ionizer. Price points for these little humidifiers range from $59 to $129 approx (with a lifetime warantee they said). Also, can we mention how sleek this looks? It's slim, elegant not HUGE and clunky like the one I have in my bedroom...This fits nicely on my cabinet in my living room.

They have several types of oils, including blends - I currently have treescents in my humidifier. Here's the description of treescents from their website:

" Enjoy the fresh, evergreen scent of holiday cheer without the hassle of a live tree. Fragrant pine, aromatic cypress, and earthy cedarwood capture the spirit of the season while boosting the immune system and supporting the respiratory system. Sweet cajeput essential oil brings clarity and energy, and cleansing, purifying lemon helps uplift and refresh. 100% natural Tree Scents blend creates a calming, centered" 

The one thing I was concerned about was that it would irritate Bentley, however, everytime I have this on, he drifts into a deep slumber and he doesn't snore like he usually does. Actually, he stopped sneezing - for a while, he was making these weird snorting sounds - and this little machine stopped it - Thank God. For those of you that don't know - Shih Tzu's are pretty prone to sinus problems.

If you want to check them out - their site is:

Until next time! XO - M!


  1. I also just discovered Sage. Picked up a couple skincare and bath items, and am absolutely loving them! Didn't even look at these little humidifier things, might have to make a return trip.

    1. Its a lovely store! Last time i went i had a horrible cold and they had eucalyptus with the immune oil burning and i swear it was all cleared up....until half an hour after i left the store and i was all stuffy again..:( go pick a humidifier up! They come in so many different designs and i use it everyday and even my dog has stopped sneezing and its pet friendly.. i was afraid it would irritate him :( let me know how your products turn out! Would love to know!