Holiday Nail Art Collab Series with Sam - Week 1

Hey Everyone! For those of you in the GTA hope you're staying warm after the snowfall we had yesterday!!

Speaking of snowfall...I think that it is the perfect time to introduce the 5 week Holiday Nail Art Collaboration with the lovely Samantha from Gemstone Beauty.

Attached below is the breakdown for each week's theme, we have one per week up to the week before Christmas and it's going to be ALOT of fun to see what we both come up with.

Below is my interpretation of the theme of Snowflakes/Snowfall. I used a gradient theme and placed glitter on the tips - added rhinestone accents for the snowflakes :) I had to use falsies this time because I'm experiencing some seriously short nails and knew I wouldn't be able to deliver the results I wanted to on my regular nails. 

Materials I used...

Samantha's entry - I love that we both used a glitter tip and how she really made the snow look so white and fluffy.. lol.. :) 

The two of us have some wonderful ideas planned for next week's Holiday Treats edition.. Hope you guys will come back then! We will be posting every Thursday :)

XO - M.


  1. Super cute, love the gradient on yours! It reminds me of Frozen. :)

    1. Aw Thank you!! Come check out my new one this Thursday i think you'll love it!