Holiday Nail Art Collab with Sam - Week 2

Hey everyone! The theme of this week's Nail Art collab with Sam of Gemstone Beauty is Holiday Treats!

I decided to include Candy Canes, Christmas Plum Pudding & the Gingerbread Man! :) I forgot to take a picture of the polishes used but here's the list:

- Red glitter polish: Essie - Toggle to the Top
- White Polish - grabbed it at Walmart for $2
- Brown for the Gingerbread man = I mixed it myself
- Christmas Plum Pudding Base = Illamasqua - Bacterium

I love how Sam also did Candy Canes in a similar fashion however she added a Green stripe - totally in tune with the festive season :)

Come back next Thursday to see what we have planned for Christmas Decorations!

XO - M.

Credits to Miracle10 Skincare for this amazing pic they took of the two of us!

Sam's festive twist on a Candy Cane nails and a delicious sugar cookie accent nail :) LOVE IT!


  1. Love the deep richness of that red polish! And your gingerbread man is so cute :)

    1. aw thanks! check out my week 3 nail collab :) the red polish is amazingly gorgeous - it is so rich, and that was 2 coats - however 1 coat gives u a good coverage too! it's not sheer at all!