August 2018 Favorites

While we are well into September, I couldn't go without sharing with you my August favorites! Once again, I have limited it to 10 items and spread it across a good range of beauty related items. If you're interested in finding out what they are and my thoughts on the items, then keep on reading below.

August Favorites:
A palette that contains both purples and neutrals is literally my palette. The shades are pigmented, the mattes are buttery and blends like a dream. The shimmers are perfect and I am just so in love. There is kickback when you dip the brush into the mattes but no fall out when applied to the eye. 

I have written about this bronzer before on the blog - because of its baked like formula it is not powdery or cakey when applied to the face. In fact, it blends right into the skin, giving you a "I just came back from a tropical getaway" glow. You can use this sparingly or pack it on and it still won't look powdery at all. 

On days that I really cannot be bothered with putting on foundation and a full face of make-up, this has been my savior. I use it on my dark circles, and any areas of discloration, blend it out and I'm good to go!

I have wanted to try this for so long, and I picked it up during the Sephora sale recently. It is a lipbalm that slowly adjusts to your perfect pink according to you personal PH levels. Effortless, no need to apply with a mirror and it moisturizes your lips at the same time and subtly plumps it without the tingly burning sensation. It smells faintly of mint as well. 

5. Sephora - Melting Lip Clicks (01 Caramel - Nude)*
Another lipbalm like product that does not need to be applied in front of a mirror. Simply click the end of the lipstick pen casing and the perfect amount of lipstick/balm comes out. It melts to an oil finish and gives you a juicy gloss look without the gloss problems - it is not tacky, sticky and best of all your hair does not get stuck to it!

I have been a fan of the original charcoal mask from Origins and have written about it. Those who know me will know that I really love products with honey as well so these two together are just a no brainer. It is cooling when you put it on and when I removed it my face looked brighter, more youthful and radiant. No joke - it looked more plump, in a healthy way, just like you do after you go to a facial. I really like how this one feels more hydrating than the original formulation, but yet I still get the charcoal mask component. Will definitely keep this in my skincare routine and repurchase it. This is my charcoal mask of choice now!

Words cannot describe how fine this setting mist is. It's like a gentle mist of air grazing your face and you wonder if it truly works - so when you look at your face in the mirror after 5-6 hours and see that your makeup is still intact even in hot summer weather, you realize this baby is a keeper! If you like what I just said then yes, go get it! 

Not only is this packaging serious goals, with stars that move around in the lid - this blush is a beautiful pink that gives you a natural flush to the cheeks. The container of this blush is also re-usable. Simply pop out the blush and insert any other Tarte blush in its place should you choose. 

I have been dealing with irritated lymph-nodes, sore shoulders and a tendonitis on my right wrist. This muscle remedy right cream has helped me through some rough times when I cant make it to physio. This smells wonderful, relaxes me and helps me fall asleep quick and easy. The next morning I wake up, it feels so much better (not perfect obviously) but so so so much better, that I haven't had to go back to massage therapy or my physio appointments for a while. This product is made with essential oils, which I really like so that I am not putting chemicals on my body. You really should check out this company, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner last month and every product I've tried out has been stellar - I have been doing small reviews here and there as I try them out.

I have also written about this product before, after using this product I haven't had to go to get a pedicure so often, which means saving money! I used to have to go once a month but now I'll go once a summer for a clean-up and even then they do not have much to scrape off when they use the blade. This is a serious must-have if you want to perfect your at-home pedicures. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review/consideration, all opinions are my own.

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