Review & Demo - Kat Von D Brand New Brow Products

Kat Von D has recently launched some brand new brow products and she has created two different formulations - powder and pomade products with brushes to match. It is also worth nothing that the pomade formulation comes in 16 shades ranging from bold colorful ones to your natural shades so there is something for everyone. For the powder formula, there are 7 shades that are more in the everyday expected colors and that is what I chose to purchase as I typically gravitate to powder products more. In addition, I decided to purchase the Powder Brow Brush to see how it compares to the typical brow brush I have been currently using.

The Brow Powder isn't your typical matte powder that I am used to, this one has micro light catching almost metallic like pigments. I was quite intimidated at first when I saw this, thinking it would be too shimmery however when I swatched it on my hand (see below) the metallic pigments did not show at all. On the site, the description notes that this is a hybrid two-in-one primer and powder formula that enhances grip and wear time while being waterproof and smudge-resistant for up to 12 hours.

I have to be honest that this product effortlessly glided onto my brows without any primer whatsoever. It was extremely pigmented and gave me definition and just beautifully filled in plush brows. I love it! You only need to gently dab your brush into the product once, and it fills half your brow.

In the image above, you can see the difference in the brush. My existing brush, the Sephora Brush was always working very well for me, but when I swatched the powder with the brush onto the back of my hand and then did the same with the Kat Von D brush, you can see the difference in the width. Again, there was nothing wrong with the Sephora brow brush, but you can just see how much more defined the Kat Von D one is. 

I often found that I cannot rush my brow powder application with the Sephora brow brush as it would sometimes accidentally come out too thick (like the image below). However, with the Kat Von D brush, it was a quick and easy application. The comb-like bristels really work well to capture pigment in the hollow areas and it gently gets dispersed onto the brow as you brush through the hairs - it is an innovation product as it means you do not have to constantly dab your brush back into the pan to grab more product and at the same time it will not alter the thickness or width of the application.

Overall, I must say that BOTH products - the brow powder and brush are MUST purchases, I highly recommend them!

Until next time, XO - M.

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  1. I am so glad you review this, I have been so curious! I worry the brow powder might be too warm for me, but the brush is certainly unique!