Holiday Gifting with Fresh*

Fresh is a brand that I have mentioned a few times on the blog, most recently here - If you have never had the opportunity to try out products from Fresh, or if you have always wanted to try various products but didn't want to pay the higher price tag; the Holiday Season is honestly the best time to try out products from any brand because they usually come out with Value Box Sets, like the ones featured here. 

Fresh was kind enough to send me three different ones to share with my lovely readers so if you're interested in learning more about the contents of each box, and what I think about the products, then keep on reading ...

Sugar Lip Prep 'N' Paint - $47 cad (retail value $82 cad)
This box set has everything to prep and hydrate your lips during the cold winter months.

This set contains: 
1. Sugar Lip Polish - an exfoliant housed in a pot that helps you buff away dead skin. 

2. Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy - a clear serum that you apply to the lips (can be worn alone or under product) 

3. Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment - I have gotten everyone I have gifted this to in the past hooked on this product. It is a balm (that also comes in a huge array of tints) that moisturizes your lips, smooths out fine lines, while feeling weightless. Best is that this is not sticky at all.

4. Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy - This is my go to lip product every winter, it moisturizes, hydrates and adds a youthful plumpness to the lips. My lips have not cracked ever since I have used this.

5. Sugar Cream Lip Treatment Buff - another nourishing lip product, instead of a berry tinted one like the Rose balm above, this is a nude shade for those who love a natural look.

Best of Beauty Bundle - $83 cad (on sale for $66cad on Sephora right now ~ subject to change ~) Retail value = $124cad.
A perfect way to try out the best of Fresh products!

This set contains:
1. Soy Face Cleanser - I have used this cleanser for years and I LOVE it! It removes all traces of make-up without me having to use micellar water first to do an initial cleanse. It is a gel formula that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and has a gentle scent of fresh roses. 

2. Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask - If you want to add some glow and brightness to your tired, lack-luster skin you need this mask. It contains 50% real crushed citrus fruit and is enriched with Vit C, E + B5. This is like a power nap packed in a bottle and smells so refreshing. 

3. Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex - This is a daily moisturizer that works deep to combat dry skin and signs of aging. I like to apply this in the morning as it works well as a hydrating primer as well. 

4. Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate - I was introduced to this product last year, and though pricey it is worth it and this is the perfect chance for you to try out the product. It works both in the morning and evening as an eye cream that helps with puffiness, tired panda circles and firms the area.

5. Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment - my thoughts on this product are in the lip set above.

Bodycare Besties - $50 cad (retails for $58)
If you ever wanted to pamper your body without the hefty price tag of a spa, this is a perfect gift for either yourself or a friend!

This set contains:
1. Hesperides Grapefruit Bath & Shower Gel - if you love the scent of citrus and grapefruit, this is a must have in your shower. This shower gel contains shea butter, Vit C+E so your skin will not feel stripped after. 

2. Hesperides Grapefruit Body Lotion - this product pairs with the gel to extend the citrus fragrance should you wish. For me, I personally like to seperate it - so on days I do not use the shower gel, I use this lotion. That way I can extend the product and fragrance longer!  

3. Brown Sugar Body Polish - as you can probably see in the photo, there is a generous portion of liquid in here that suspends real brown sugar cyrstals with a blend of oils to help buff out your dry areas and rid your body of any dead skin to prepare for lotions after.

Out of the three sets - I highly recommend that you pick up the Best of Beauty Bundle to try! The value, the products involved all make it a really great set for intro users or those who are Fresh fans!

Until next time, XO - M.

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