Holiday Gift Guides from Hard Candy*

Hard Candy is a drugstore brand that I was using in highschool - the most iconic product from their line that I remember is their nailpolishes with the ring attached to it. When I had the chance to review some of their Holiday Products, I had to take them up on the offer and see what goodies there are for you all this Holiday Season. 

In full disclosure, I do have to remind you that these are drugstore products that are relatively budget friendly and inexpensive. I think that this is a great introductory brand for those starting out in make-up - so early teens etc. They offer a wide variety of gift sets that are customizable to the recipient, and even if you do decide to buy all the products you still will not make a giant dent in your wallet. 

For example, their lip balm in a ball, baked bronzer and blushes, eyeshadow palettes, setting sprays are $1.47 each. Their eyeshadow in a tin (in the above picture, 8 shadows total), highlight and contour stick set are $3. Concealer Palettes (6 shades total in a tin), Blush and Bronzer Kit, and in the above picture - the circular 3 palettes in one set shadows and face powders are all $4.97

As for the polish sets below, the one on the left is $4.97 and the polish train set is $19.97 which contains 10 nail colors. 

In the photo below, the circular 3 palettes in one set shadows and face powders are $4.97, the metal eyes shadow palette/tins are $3 each and the horizontal shadow palette is $1.47. As you can see, the prices are all very reasonable! 

To show you how these products look, I used the Party Ready Holiday Set valued at $9.97 and the Best of Kit $19.97 to create this look. My entire face of makeup is from Hard Candy - the concealer is pigmented, covers my dark circles effectively. The shadows are buildable and are well at the price point listed. Finally, the liquid lipstick is a whipped formula that smells kinda like vanilla cupcakes. It is non drying and does not settle in fine lines. The setting spray is strong, not a fine mist but it does set your makeup - it has a slight cucumber scent to it. When I tested a secondary bottle, it did leak a bit - so I will empty that bottle into my first bottle that worked fine.

If I had to suggest one must purchase product, it would be the baked highlighter, blush and bronzers. My friend had recommended them to me a few years back, and I have purchased a few of them already. They last so long as well that you will barely make a dent in them even if you use them frequently. The product is very similar to the ambient powders from a luxury brand, but honestly at a much lower price point. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

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