Mary Kay Fall 2017 Collection - Review and Make-Up Look*

Summer has officially come to a close and the fall collections are gradually being released. The fall collection from Mary Kay contains smokey blue greys and mauve browns shadow palettes with a baby pink lipstick and richer berry one to add a bit more drama. 

I used both shadow palettes and paired them with different lipsticks to create the below looks for you: 

1) First, is a blue grey smokey eye with a more subtle baby rose pink toned lipstick. 

I chose to pair a more neutral lip with this eye look because I wanted to draw attention to the eyes - I do not like to create overly contrasting looks for myself - so I would very rarely ever do a dark smokey eye with a dark/red lip. I prefer either a look like the below - OR do a more neutral eye and a bolder dark lip like the second look I created. 

Products used: Simply Smoky eyeshadow palette and Rose Blush lipstick

2) Second, is a subtle mauve/plum shadow, mostly neutral on the lid with the deep berry lipstick

It's funny that when swatched, it first appears to be a bit more purple in tone but when applied to my lips it showed up to be a bit more red in berry tone. It worked out differently with my skin color, so I always suggest that you try products directly on your face as opposed to your hand or wrist - same goes with foundation! Match it to the base of your jaw/neck vs. on your hand (that's a tip I learnt).

Products used: Rose Nudes eyeshadow palette and Mulberry Muse lipstick

The shadow palettes (rose nudes and simply smoky) retail for $27 cad each, the lipsticks (rose blush and mulberry muse) $19 cad each and the nail polish (pink escape, rose blush and violet silk) are $10 cad each.  The shadows are buttery, finely milled and pigmented and the lipsticks are opaque, pigmented and delivers even color distribution with one swipe. 

Until next time, XO - M. 

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.

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