Cocoon Apothecary - thoughts and review*

I was contacted in the middle of December to try out some products from a brand called Cocoon Apothecary. They started in 2004 and created products that are ideal for sensitive and aging skin. It is a plant-based line that is vegan, biodegradable and contains certified organic and ethically-sourced ingredients. They have a huge following and have recently featured on the Marilyn Denis Show. Anyways, with all that being said, I naturally had to say yes and try out this new brand! If you're interesting in reading my thoughts, then just keep going....

I loved this mask - the mud really helped to suck out and draw out all my oils in my pores. As the mask dried, I felt it tightening my skin. A little goes a long way with this mud, it spreads really easily, yet very evenly. This mask is not patchy at all. The best part of this mask, is that it has a grit to it, it almost feels like there is a very micro-fine sand particle to the mask (it is not visible at all, it's that fine). When you wash the mask off and you gently massage your face, you can feel it exfoliate the skin. There is only one draw back to this product, is the scent. The minute you open the jar, you are quite overwhelmed by the scent of rose. For those who are sensitive, I would suggest perhaps you not use this, OR to only use a very fine layer on your target areas - so for me, it would be the nose and the t-zone. That really helps to reduce the fragrance.

This product gives you the change to try out travel-size (20ml) bottles of their cleanser, toner and cream for normal to dry skin. The products contained are (links below are to the full sized versions):

The cleanser is in a whipped-like consistency. When water washes off the product, it leaves an almost oil-like feel, not in a bad way. More like what an oil cleanser does. It leaves you feeling very hydrated and moisturized. It has almost a very natural lavender scent to me.
For a rose toner, I was expecting this to smell really strong, kind of like the mud mask above, however it literally smells like fresh cut roses. I loved this product alot! 
This product also smells like freshly cut roses and is very gentle and hydrating to the skin. It made my skin look very youthful and radiant.

Out of all the products I tried, this was the one I was hoping to like the most. Only because I love the scent of a refreshing citrus zing! However, I found the scent was more subdued - it had a note to it that I really couldn't point my finger on. The floral notes (neroli probably since it's a listed ingredient)  probably took over. However, this is one of the toners, or maybe the only toner?? that I've tried that is 100% alcohol free.and is great for oily skin.

Magic Bean Body Lotion (Cocoa, Coffee + Vanilla) $25
Alright, I am saving the best for last. Seriously, when I was on their website and saw this - I said.. YES, this must be mine, I must try it and I have no regrets. This is everything it says it is - the scent is a subtle blend of chocolate and vanilla - with a very very slight tint of coffee. The vanilla note just ties the two other scents together beautifully. It is extremely moisturizing without ever leaving your skin greasy. The almond oil absorbs quickly and helped to quickly cure my alligator scale legs. It helped my eczema prone skin on my hands and just left me really smooth. 

Of all the things I can recommend you to try, I will highly suggest the Magic Bean Body Lotion. The other thing I want to try from their line is actually the mens products and let my hubby try it out and see how it is!

Until next time, XO - M. 

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