An introduction to Teeez Cosmetics - Review, swatches and Try-On*

I learned about Teeez Cosmetics last year when strolling around The Bay in downtown Toronto. I used to work downtown so every so often, I'd check out the beauty counters and see what was new. This brand completely caught my eye with its bold, bright and colorful packaging. It was so unlike any other brand out there, however I never took the plunge to purchase something. When I was approached with the opportunity to try out the products a month or so ago, it was the perfect opportunity and I had to say yes!

Teeez was founded in 2004 on the principle of writing your own rules. They do not follow the traditional models of make-up and believe in creating your own trend, style and statement. 

For the first batch that was sent to me, it was 1) Spectrum of Stars Eyesshadow - Gunmetal Glow 2) Style Addict Highlighter - Berlin Sunrise 3) Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner - Smokey Quartz


The eyeshadow is a creamy ultra pigmented olive green that stays put all day. The highlighter as you can see is cream whipped like formula that is beautifully blinding if you do not use a light hand. A little goes a long way with this product, so make sure you start with a little and build it to the level of intensity you like. I am absolutely in love with this product and have zero complaints! It gives you that ultra J.LO glow! It'd be gorgeous in the summer with a tan! Lastly, the cream eyeliner, it comes in a twist tube to dispense the product, and the other side has a rubber tip to blend out the liner should you wish to. The other side of the rubber tip comes with a sharpener so even though it's a twist up, you still get to make sure you have the sharpest tip. I naturally am a lover of liquid eye liners, so out of the three, this was the product I used the least. This however though was creamy, pigmented and made my waterline ultra black.

Next up, we have the second set of products that were sent to me, which are the lipsticks :) 1) Eve's Ready to Wear Lipstick - Awesome Orchid and 2) Material Girl Lipstick - Tainted Love

Oh my goodness, I think I'm in love these lipsticks are BUTTERY smooth. They are creamy, hydrating, pigmented and pack a beautiful color payoff. The lipstick on the left (in the above picture) is a beautiful red called Tainted Love. In the swatch picture on my lips below it was only ONE SWIPE and it lasted until I ate - it was just velvety smooth! It leaves behind a little bit of a stain afterwards but still looks natural. Wild Orchid on the other hand is a more shiny and luminous finish that makes your lips look a bit juicy and pouty. Again, the picture of me wearing it below is only one swipe and it was very hydrating.

Here's a picture of all the products swatched.

Left: Wild Orchid | Right: Tainted Love
Liner: Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner - Smokey Quartz 

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with these products from Teeez and I will actually be purchasing them and also will try out other products from the brand - like their liquid liner, lipgloss, blush, brow product, concealer and foundation (in powder and liquid form). It is very rare that I want to completely go out and purchase additional products right away after I try an entirely new product line, but seriously, out of the 5 products sent to me, all of them performed perfectly. 

Until next time, XO - M.

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