Makeup Eraser - Review and Demo!*

I've been seeing the Makeup Eraser pop up all over social media, and when I was given the opportunity to review the product, I immediately jumped on the chance to see if it really did all that it claims to do. Well, after thoroughly trying it out, I have four words to say... WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?! ... no seriously, this stuff is amazing!!

This product removes your makeup by just adding water to it. It can even remove the most stubborn waterproof mascara in seconds. It is all natural, contains no chemicals and is machine washable for convenience. Also, your makeup will not stain the towel and it is super soft, feels like a terry cloth but 100x softer, and promotes healthy skin.

Here are the instructions that come with the eraser. Before using, make sure you wash it first, it helps to make sure all the fluffies are gone, and that you are using a clean cloth on your face for hygenic reasons obviously.

This one Makeup Eraser cloth is re-useable and washable for up to 1000 times. Think of the amount of cotton pads and makeup remover solution you will be saving! I don't know about you, but I always have to use a makeup remover solution to remove my makeup first with a cotton pad, and then washing my face afterwards. I have to do this because most facial cleansers will not remove stubborn waterproof mascara, or heavier makeup effectively. This cloth, seriously no lie, takes off my mascara, liner, foundation - everything!

Here's some pics to show you:
Full face of makeup (tutorial will be coming soon for this look)

 Using the Makeup Eraser to remove my makeup after dampening it with water completely. I used the side with the shorter fibers first to remove the makeup and followed up with the side with the longer fibers to remove any leftover residue.

 As you can see, one side has longer fibers, the other has shorter. This removed everything completely, even the stuck on glue from my lashes which can be quite stubborn to remove.

 My face after using the cloth. I used a paper towel to remove the lipgloss first (just to prevent the stickiness from smudging). But look, absolutely no trace of makeup is left on my face. AMAZING!!

After washing the towel, you can see - no stains or damage. Make sure you do not use bleach when washing your towel. You can throw this in the washing machine and the dryer. If you want, you can use fabric softerner or dryer sheet, this won't damage the eraser. You can wash the towel on a weekly basis. Just damp the area you need to use on the cloth each time you remove your makeup. For demonstration reasons, I just we the whole towel to show you. 

If you would like to purchase one (I don't see why not), please contact:
Heidi Lerner 
National Sales Director
The ship internationally and it's currently $20* on the site. 

*disclosure, price subject to change so please look at the site prior to purchasing.

Overall, I really do love this product and I will be using a Makeup Eraser from now on to remove my makeup. This just saves me alot of money in the long run. Cotton Pads and Makeup Solution isn't cheap! :)

Until next time, XO - M.


  1. Such an awesome cheaper alternative to wipes/remover! Great post! :)

    1. Thanks Katherine! I hope you'll subscribe .. I post about 2-3 times a week! :) I also take requests!

  2. I never really considered how much cheaper this would be instead of purchasing cloths! Really reaaaaaaaaaaally need this.. I think we need to make a Sephora run!

    1. yes we shall go get u one at sephora when we go! pref. on the same day the limited edition kat von d trooper come sout!

    2. yes we shall go get u one at sephora when we go! pref. on the same day the limited edition kat von d trooper come sout!

  3. I've seen this start to get talked about and I am so intrigued. What kind of black magic is that?! I'm so impressed by how much makeup it took off of you!

  4. You look gorgeous with and without makeup! :) this looks like an awesome product but I might wait a bit before purchasing...need to save up a bit first haha >.<