July Guest Post ft. Samantha from Beautiful, Free and Wonderful

Hello All You Beautiful People, I'm Samantha from Beautiful, Free and Wonderful. This month's CBB theme is Canada Love. I first want to thank the lovely Miranda. So what does Canadian love means to me? To me Canadian love means supporting small business that are local or within your country. So I will be showing you, my top five canadian brands and products that I love. So lets get started.
1. Eat Sleep Polish in Princess Peach. I am a big fan of video games and never thought I would get excited about a nail polish named after a video game character before. Till I saw this polish. It's a perfect pink that I can get away with wear any season. Also the name just brings you back to your childhood of playing super Mario games.
2. Sweet Leilani Hawaiian Petal Lip Pumping in the shade Coral Reef I remember going over for a trip over to the island on the ferry and walking into the gift shop. Finding this brand changed the way I look at lipsticks. It has the Mac quality with the price of being only 15 dollars. Also it's vegan and cruelty free.
3. LilLuxSoapworks Bath Bombs These are my fave. bath bombs. They smell amazing and they only cost 2.95 each. The store also offers you free shipping in USA and Canada when you buy bulk. The only downside is if you try to break them in half. There is a high change that they will crumble.
4. Beach Baby Bath & Body The Queen Collection I ended up falling in love with this collection. When I became obsessed with certain queens of the past or should I say obsessed with books by Philippa Gregory. They actually smell like what I thought the queens would smell like. Antoinette smells like lemon cake.,Elizabeth smells like a nice warm fire and Cleopatra smells like a nice bath oil. I was quite impress with the staying power. I only had to reapply the scent twice a day. I also will note that it comes in a roll on only.  
5. Elements Body Essentials Blueberry Scrub Soap Bar I don't like sugar scrubs cause they are sometimes too sticky. I don't like salt scrubs cause I tend to get small cuts and don't enjoy the stinging when it finds one. This blueberry scrub soap was the first time I found a scrub that worked for me. The blueberry seeds lasted till it was a tiny sliver of soap. I also recommend saving the soap slivers they make a excellent body wash. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my top five Canadian loved brands and products. You can follow me here. Enjoy your summer XXOO Samantha

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  1. Love love love.
    The princess peach automatically made me so happy!!
    Mario kart is my jam ;)