Kellett Skincare - Boost Peptide Gel Review *

A few months ago, I was sent the Boost Peptide Gel to try out and review from Kellett Skincare, located right here in Toronto. This year has been the year where I have finally been introduced to the world of higher end skincare and the benefits of incorporating different types of acid properties to my products. Don't let the word "acid" turn you off as it did me at first. I was really intimidated by that concept and word, why would anyone want to put acid on their skin??, but upon doing lots of research and trying out the products for myself - I have finally realized that I have been missing out.

I've included the product information straight from their site below to let you all know about the benefits of this product before I tell you about my own personal experience with this. 

30 ml / 1.0 Fl Oz - $199.00

> Water-based, oil-free vehicle, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic
> Appropriate for use under makeup, sunscreen or moisturizer> A light-weight moisturizer for acne-prone skin

A unique Hyaluronic acid-based gel designed to enhance skin’s moisture and reduce signs of photoaging. Clinically demonstrated to treat damage generated by UV exposure which can break down collagen and elastin fibers within the skin.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply 1-2 times daily, or as directed.  Apply a dime sized amount to face in the morning and at night. Follow with appropriate Kellett moisturizers. Should be used within 3 months of opening.
CAUTION: For external use only. Use only as directed. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.
FREE FROM: Free from Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals & Phthalates.
All my life, I would have to say that I was really blessed with my skin -I had oily/combination skin and didn't experience any major breakouts (even through puberty), and the only thing that I disliked was the blackheads I would get around my skin. I could use any product on my face, be it drugstore or fragranced, but as of this past winter however, my skin has been really acting up. Not only is it extremely dry, but it is now sensitive to alot of products that contain fragrances, and I have been developing more acne then normal. Acne breakouts on dry patchy skin - WHY! It seems like my skin would spontaneously sprout out these ugly painful pimples that could allow me to play connect the dots with it... graphic imagery I say. I needed something to soothe my skin, to moisturize it but not to aggravate my pimples. I even tried the First Aid Beauty face cream, and it did nothing. This winter has been quite harsh in Toronto, and with mother nature being bipolar, it has taken a serious toll on me.
When I was approached to try this gel, and after a thorough review of their site, I was quite excited to try this product out. I read great reviews online, and Helen Vong from swears by it (she has amazingly dewy clear skin that radiates!) and goes through bottles of this. 
The key ingredient in this serum is Hyaluronic acid which prevents the signs of aging and reduces any skin damage. It is also a good moisturizer and is said to heal wounds or burns, through the research I conducted, 
The consistency of this product is obviously a gel/serum but it is extremely light weight, non-greasy and doesn't contain any perfumes or residues. It absorbs really quickly into the skin, and there is no trace of it on your face afterwards. I love the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery, however there is a film of oil left on my skin afterwards, meaning it is more suitable to be used as a night-time product as I cannot apply makeup right after. 
With this serum, I can use it in the day-time AND at night, and I am not stuck waiting around for it to dry before I continue with the rest of my daily beautifying regiment. 
This product has provided me with amazing hydration this crazy winter, and has turned my dry patchy skin, to normal again. I am still not at oily/combination, which is great. Also, I have not broken out from this - Hallelujah! I am looking forward to trying out more products from this line, however, I have to start saving first because this is in the higher end of skincare. A little goes a long way with this, so I am really rationing this baby out right now!  
Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and Thank You once again to Kellett Skincare for this amazing opportunity :)

Until next time - XO, M.