CND Summer 2015 Garden Muse Collection - Vinylux and Shellac*

Brace yourself my fellow beauties, CND is launching the Garden Muse Collection and the colors are GORGEOUS!!

CND has this collection in both the shellac and vinylux formulas. The difference between the two is that one you can do yourself, and one you will have to get done at the salon. 

The Shellac requires curing with a UV light, but lasts up to 14 days. I prefer Shellac over Acrylic or Gel as you do not need to buff the nail with an electric buffer. I hate those things, I got burned a few times with those, that extreme heat from the buffer, the friction... HATE IT! However, with the Shellac, it is non-abrasive and you get gel-like nails with the gloss and shine that lasts 2 weeks, chip free. Vinylux, is a polish formula you can apply at home by yourself. It does not require any curing - you use the special top coat and the formula is said to naturally cure via sunlight and will last a week, chip free. 

I was fortunate enough to be invited as the +1 of my nail polish partner in crime, Samantha from Gemstone Beauty, to attend the event at the Four Seasons Hotel Spa in Toronto. Super posh! An afternoon of luxury :) Check out her review here. Sorry it took a few weeks to get those post up, i was really hoping to get my hands on the Wisteria Haze before I posted my review here... However, once I get it, I will create some tutorials and share it with all of you. 

Here are some pictures from the event:

 This is the design and color I picked, Wisteria Haze with an accent nail of abstract roses made with Beckoning Begonia and Butterfly Queen. The wonderful Jennifer actually did the pretty accent nail and I got compliments for days. I really have to try to recreate this once I get this!

Wisteria Haze was one of the most popular colors of the day, as I was told and I'm not surprised. It's a perfect lilac color, perfect for any season and it works really well with my skin tone. It makes my hands look tanned, not washed out - bonus! I was getting a lot of compliments when I was rocking these nails...must.. get...*my precious*...

We were spoiled with a goody bag from the event, it contained the majority of the Garden Muse collection and a yummy macaron... Oh CND Canada you sure know how to spoil me, what makes my heart flutter, and that is....FOOD AND NAIL POLISH! :) 

Thank You once again for allowing me the pleasure in attending this event, and for pampering Sam and I, I look forward to your next collection ~ Can't wait to see what you've got planned!!

Until next time, XO - M.


  1. Omg. Lost Labyrinth needs to be mine!!! Gorgeous colours. I really really loved the mani you got.

  2. Omg. Lost Labyrinth needs to be mine!!! Gorgeous colours. I really really loved the mani you got.

  3. Looks good to me! I think Disqus requires people to be a member though.

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