Inglot Toronto Beauty Bloggers Event

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Beauty Bloggers Event last night to preview the Inglot store before it opens up this weekend in Toronto (Yonge & Dundas Square). 

When I walked into the store - I literally felt like a kid in the candy store! The walls were covered in every shade of nail polish possible, and the tables had shadows, lipsticks, blushes and powders all laid out (pictures below). 

I had never visited a physical Inglot boutique before, so for those of you, like me, may feel slightly overwhelmed when you walk in. Hopefully my following advice will be able to help you out. When you walk in, at the main table you will see black rectangular metal palettes. This is what you will use to place the products you want and when you are done, you can give it to a sales associate who will then pull the products out from the drawers to cash you out. There is a con about this though, if someone has taken a shade that you like, then you will either have to 1) track that person down so you can swatch it and remember the number or 2) you will have to wait for the product to come back to its home - so if someone (like me) who was holding a product debating over it for 10 minutes, you might get a bit frustrated with you.... 

The amount of pigment and the quality of the products is exceptional. The price of the products compared to its competitors is also lower - double bonus! I ended up picking up a few Freedom Systems which is their version of the build your own pallettes. It comes in a sturdy magnetic case that can either be pulled open or swiveled open - the cover is see-through and frosted so you can still see your products which is really helpful when you're rifling through your makeup drawers. (I included pictures of the few palettes I got below). 


As you can see, even their concealers and foundations come in a large range of colors.

Bentley surveying my haul and not looking too impressed...

Each product is vacuum sealed individually with a piece of paper that lists the ingredients.

I picked up the 4SS Brush as well - it's a perfect size for setting powder under the eye or for highlighting your cheekbones. 


Sculpting Powder and blushes. The pink duo colored one is a blush and highlighter!

Eyeshadow Freedom Palette

Swatches of the eyeshadows and a picture of my new polish and much needed coffee!

Decided to rock my new Inglot makeup this morning!

Thank You again Inglot for this amazing opportunity and I look forward to seeing you guys again soon (since I work only a 5 minutes walk away) and to the next bloggers event!

Until next time - XO, Miranda.


  1. So nice meeting you last night! You hauled such an amazing variety of goodies- impressive! Love the look you created with them. My cat had a similarly unimpressed reaction to my haul :)


    1. Thanks for making me feel so welcomed! It was my first event and I was really nervous :) lol hope to see you again in the near future!! p.s. love your blog and the looks you create - what a doll! - Miranda.

  2. Working so close means that you're going to be working just to spend it at Inglot!
    Lovely haul and I must say, Lovely choice in lip squares ;)

    It was great meeting you yesterday and I look forward to seeing you in the future!

    1. Thanks for helping me swatch all those purple lipsticks! hahahha -- definitely was great meeting you yesterday and I'm glad you got the mixup fixed :) I really hope to see you soon.. hopefully I'll get invited to more events!

  3. So jealous! I love Inglot. Wish we had one in Vancouver still.