Girls Weekend Getaway at Blue Mountain Resort and Scandinave Spa

My friends and I decided to do a weekend getaway trip away from the city and to Blue Mountain this past weekend for some R+R. We got to enjoy the resort amenities like soaking in the hot tub and using the pool, wish the weather was warmer though! It's getting quite chilly lately. The hotel staff were exceptional at Blue and coming back here since my last visit 3 years ago brought back such good memories. 

Side Note: My husband actually proposed to me at Blue Mountain in April of 2011 and this resort will always have a special place in my heart. He rented one of the suites and surprised me by cooking and preparing all of my favorite meals and then proposed to me ... aww... we really should come back one year during April and bring our little furbaby I see so many people with dogs at the resort! I think that would be an amaizng treat :)

Anyways - I hope you guys enjoy the pictures below ...

Our bachelor suite was upgraded to a one bedroom - I forgot to take a picture of the king bed in the bedroom but it was super soft and comfortable with a TV. 

We headed over to Magnone's Italian Kitchen for dinner - appetizer was okay, the calamari( pictured right below) really was mediocre some spots were cold and watery which leads me to think it comes from the freezer it wasn't tender but it wasn't horrible. We were offered some bread between the 3 of us girls (pictured left below).

I had the Lamb Brasato ($26.95 pictured left) it was absolutely delicious - the portion was really generous and the picture doesn't do it justice. I'm not quite sure if it was worth the $27 however, I didn't regret my choice like one of my girlfriends did.

This is the Salsiccia Pizza - my friend said that the amount of caramelized onions was overwhelming. My friend had originally ordered it as is but she hated the taste of Gorgonzola. Granted that the restaurant made no error in the food item, my friend however couldn't stomach it and requested for her order to be changed. The restaurant manager eventually granted her wishes, however reluctantly which was understandable...

Penne Salsiccia ($19.95) My other friend quite enjoyed this, there is a hint of Gorgonzola (Blue Cheese) so beware for those of you who don't enjoy the taste of Blue Cheese.

When you walk out of Magnone's you get a nice view of the little pond area - we took a brief walk around here and around the village after dinner to walk off our full stomachs.

An entire store dedicated to Christmas - I wanted everything in there, if only....

This picture is dedicated to... you know who you are...

This store had a lot of different candies - I bought a bag of Green Tea Latte candies, tastes like Green Tea icecream...mmm...

Dessert!! Beaver Tails with Nutella and Banana.....mmmm...

We went to the Scandinave Spa on Sunday and was there right at opening to make sure we got a spot - this place is first come first serve, wait times can go up to 4 hours once it's full! Be sure to get there early if you want a spot!

What we actually did was I booked our package on the Blue Mountain website and picked the Scandinave spa package, it includes a day pass to the spa with your room and it works out to be about $20-30 cheaper then if you were to book both things separately. The day pass to the spa is $50+taxes which allows you unlimited all day access to the hydrotherapy pools, eucalyptus steam rooms and sauna, meditation rooms.

All the pools are different temperatures varying from hot and cold - the basis of these pools are to relax your tense muscles by exposing them to different temperatures. One of the warm ones even have a waterfall so it feels amazing on your shoulders when you stand underneath. 

The two red roofed buildings are meditation rooms. The room off to the left with the brown roof is the sauna, and the metal circular building in the middle is the eucalyptus steam room - my favorite!! It clears all your sinuses and it's so calming. 

Around the spa, there are campfires, lots of muskoka chairs to relax on and hammocks. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone in need of some R+R away from the city. It's quiet and tucked away in the forest - it's about a 5-10 minutes drive from Blue Mountain Resort.

Until Next Time! - XO, M.

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  1. I loved this post! You took some great photos! I hope we can do it again it was quite relaxing