Empties for July:
1. Darphin - Purifying Foam Gel Cleanser with Licorice
I actually got this cleanser during my bonus point redemption event at Shoppers Drug Mart. I figured, if there was anytime to splurge on a cleanser, why not use my points to do it :) Thoughts - got the job done, however I will not be purchasing this product again. I feel like as far as cleansers go, it is not worth the splurge - my current face wash the Garnier Grape Seed cleanser is quite amazing at probably 1/3 of the cost. What I truly believe that you should splurge on, is a good serum and moisturizer/eye cream. If I was to pick between the two, it would be a good serum.

2. Clinique - Spot Treatment Gel
My HOLY GRAIL acne spot treatment gel - NOTE: the old formula pictured here is better than the new one they have out now. I looked at The Bay and Sephora, and couldn't find the spot treatment in this bottle anymore - did they just get rid of it and revamp it to the new ones and change the formula a bit? The new one is much thinner in consistency - if anyone knows where I can get the old one, please tell me!

3. Bioderma - Cleaning solution for Sensitive Skin.
My HOLY GRAIL makeup remover. This removes EVERYTHING - from the toughest waterproof mascara to the most stubborn gel eyeliner. This comes in original formula (blue bottle) and the one for sensitive skin (clear bottle with pink cap pictured here). The directions say that you can use this to clean your face and pat dry, but I always wash my face after I use this. I believe in effectively and properly cleaning your face everyday to make sure that you're not causing any clogged pores etc and then having a nasty zit pop up! 

4. Urban Decay - All Nighter Setting Spray.
Pretty good staying power, I am currently using the MAC Fix +, will update you on which one I like more. So far, I'm leaning towards MAC.

5. Ole Henriksen - Truth Serum.
Vitamin C in a bottle. I love this stuff - I always get complimented on why my skin looks so good (not to sounds like I'm full of myself and toot my own horn), but honestly - it's because I invest in a good serum. This is one of the best I've used. After a while, you just notice that your skin is just glowing and refreshed. It is lightly citrus scented and it's not overwhelming at all. If you really want to stretch your dollar, put it on every other day.

6. Benefit - They're Real Mascara
Love the wand applicator of this mascara and it does build alot of length while separating the lashes. If you are looking for volume though, this would not be the mascara you want. This is purely for length.

7. WAHL - Pet Tear Stain Remover
Decided to include a pet product here that I use on my furbaby. Since shih-tzus tend to tear alot, they have the tendency of getting tear stains around their eyes and it stains their fur and can become stinky. I use this cleaner to wash B's face everyday followed by a wet towel and he has never had an issue with this. They recently reformulated it (I bought my new bottle and am already using it) but it still works the same, so no complaints there!

Here's a picture of Bentley hanging out with his dad at work - see, his eyes are so clean :)

Until next time! XO - M.

P.S. I have some super exciting news to share tomorrow!! 


  1. Thanks for the tip Miranda !!! It is helpful :) Love Bentley too! you know who I am :|

  2. lol you're welcome.. I'll always be your beauty guru miss anonymous..lol :)

  3. i have the ole henriksen serum and eye gel. I really like them they are pretty good. Have you tried the l'oreal youth code texture perfector serum? I recently purchased that after hearing so much about it and i really like that too..what are your thoughts on that. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE the benefit they're real mascara its amazing! I recently tried the makeup forever smoky extravagant mascara and i really like that too! Have you tried the L'oreal Ms.Manga? What are your thoughts on it? Can you do some recommendations on supes for high end foundations? I have never used drug store foundation and i really want to try some out but not sure which ones are worth trying that would be sooo helpful:)

    1. Nat! I will definitely post a dupe up for a high end vs. drug store - I have a really good one actually, I'll post it up next week :) My only thing is that with drugstore makeup, it is SO hard to find a shade - sometimes you'll have to get two to mix it to your ideal shade. In addition, I feel like foundation is worth splurging, so since I don't need much of it - I splurge - a bottle of foundation that's like $60 for a year.. isn't THAT bad!