Joey Restaurants

Location: Joey Restaurants (Shops at Don Mills) 

Calamari Fritti - $13
Calamari with Tempura vegetables 

Spinach and Artichoke Dip - $12

Both of the appetizers were super delicious, our group loved it and we actually ordered another Calamari to share among the 7 of us.

Steak and Sushi - $24.75
This was mediocre - I ordered the steak medium rare and it came medium and cold, which is disappointing considering they present it on a cast-iron plate. The sushi roll on the menu is a dragon roll, however, the filling inside was horrible. It is that stuffed crab salad with mixture instead of the traditional California roll which is what I would have preferred (typical dragon roll I'm used to is pictured below). The rice was really really mushy and almost soggy and wet (not in the right way)... I think in the future, I'll just stick to ordering my lobster grilled cheese... I definitely won't be ordering this again...

Hope that this helps you out if you're planning to eat there!
XO - M.


  1. Joey's use to be my fave restaurant because they had my favorite dish ever which was the lobster ravioli. Im so angry they took it off the menu. The next time i did go back, their food wasn't that great to me sad to say:(

    1. sadly i have to agree, I think their food is going downhill and they are charging a premium on mediocre food. I think the pasta at Pickle Barrel is so much better.... especially the blackened salmon pasta - droool.