Milani Lipglosses

Absolutely amazing drugstore find!!

I've been hearing so much about Milani products on Youtube and other makeup forums and I've been on an active hunt for them. Milani is in most drugstores in the U.S., unlike in Canada where we don't have such a great selection, nor such a great pricepoint.. boo....

Anyways, the hunt is over! I found these amazing lipglosses at.... LOBLAWS SUPERSTORE... yah. LOBLAWS, of all places... this one in particular is the one at Scarborough Town Center.

Price - $4.99 each... great pigmentation, not sticky at all. Slight hint of a vanilla scent...mmm..

The two colors featured are: Pink Lady (the light baby pink) and Ravish Raspberry (fuscia one).

I love these lipsticks and at that price, you really can't find any better. I'm definately going to pick more up!

- XO, M

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