Empties this month:

1. Pantene - Dry Shampoo - $4.96 approx @ Walmart

2. Rene Furterer - Dry Shampoo with absorbent clay. $27 approx @ Sephora

3. Clinique Spot Treatment Gel $20 approx depending on which size @ Sephora

4. Bobbi Brown Corrector - Light Peach $30 @ Sephora


Pantene vs. Rene Furterer - both dry shampoos the Pantene one is tapioca starch based and the Rene one is clay based - generally I'd like to say that they both work similar enough for me to just grab the Pantene bottle next time. However, I have had the Rene bottle for 1 year and it finally ran out - where as the Pantene one  I had for 3 months and it's out. I feel like the tapioca powder of the Pantene product requires alot more product to absorb the oils on the scalp, vs the clay which required only 1-2 spritzes. Also, the Pantene one - the quality of the spray bottle is alot cheaper, the nozzle cap broke after a few uses. Finally, the scent of the Pantene one is much stronger than the Rene one which is more of a herbally lighter scent (which I prefer).

So I guess it's up to personal preference -- one bottle of Rene can get about 6 bottles of the Pantene, so if it's something you'd want to splurge on, by all means...

Clinique Spot Treatment Gel - my holy grail acne spot clearing treatment!  I have recommended this to so many of my friends and they absolutely love it .. my hubby uses it too -- just squeeze the gel onto your pimple or any baby ones that look like they are about to erupt and you'll see it dry out the next day - I can't live without this.

Bobbi Brown Corrector - I use this to even out and cancel my dark panda circles on my eyes before applying concealer - Bobbi Brown is one of the leaders in the industry for correctors and I can totally see the difference between using it and not using it. I am definitely going to be repurchasing this.

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