Cooling Off with Davids Iced Tea

It's been super hot in Toronto the past few days with temperatures reaching the upper 30's. Don't get me wrong,  I'm so glad that summer has officially come, but the humidity is so icky. (and not to mention the thunderstorms that come after the humid mucky weather. I'm a wuss... still scared of thunderstorms. My dog isn't even scared of it and I am - boo...)

To make sure I stay hydrated, I decided to have an alternative besides water in my fridge. Sometimes, I switch up my water bottle with Iced Tea - and what better, then to visit David's Tea to grab some tea. I picked up the packages above which were 5 for $20 (no tax) - each packet makes 2L, but I stretch it out by making an extra litre to drink the day of. The other 2L I store in the fridge, to enjoy at home or to just fill my water bottle when I go out. I also sometimes like to throw a tsp of Chia Seeds in it and let it soak, so I can enjoy all the goodness of Chia seeds (we all know I've been on a Chia Seed craze lately).
The 5 flavors I picked up are:
1. Just Peachy
2. Watermelon Mint (pictured above) - mostly watermelon flavored, with a slight aftertaste of mint, really refreshing.

3. Caramel Corn
4. Mango Fruit Punch - contains mango, pineapple and tangerine pieces.
5. Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait

What's great about these teas is that I don't have to add any sugar, they taste great on their own. However, for those of you wanting to add some sweetness, you can always add some agave nectar or honey to the tea right after you brew it, and then chill it, that way the honey or agave will be incorporated properly and you won't get chunks of floating honey chunks lol.....

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather!!

XO - M.


  1. Oh I love these! they are so good both hot and cold and smell sooo good!!

  2. Hey Madeliene! Thanks for dropping by :) I made "just peachy" last night - it was DIVINEEEEEEE... It's in my fridge waiting for me tonight after work! You know what else is delicious? I used less water to make it stronger - and for one cup, i tried it with the water i made in the soda stream, it was like peach flavored water.. so delicious -- the rest I just diluted with water, stored it in my glass pitcher and put it in the fridge! Talk soon!!