Review: Soul Story Beauty*

Soul Story is a skincare brand that uses high quality ingredients sourced from Korea and Europe. Their products are said to give you healthier, smoother and more radiant skin. Is natural and suitable for all skin types and delivers a brighter and more youthful complexion. The products are formulated and manufactured in Korea and are free from toxic ingredients, parabens, ethanol, mineral oil, talc, synthetic pigments, sulfates, lanolin (and more) . Being free of these harmful products truly means that you are getting quality ingredients with no compromises and which is why it will also work for those with sensitive skin. 

I was generously gifted with the Sun Warrior as well as the Purifying Cleansing Foam.

Of the two products, if I had to pick the Sun Warrior is my favorite. I can admit that I usually avoid sunscreen products on my face because I hate the heavy or greasy feeling, and if I found a product that didn't have those two traits, I didn't like that it gave me flashback or that it was just one more thing I had to put on in addition to my primer, etc. I just find that sunscreen makes my oily combo skin even oilier? If that makes sense. Well, this product has changed all of the above for me. It is so lightweight, it blends out to a weightless finish on the skin and best of all it has a silky matte and smooth finish that acts like a primer as well. It can be used on both the face and neck and protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays.  This product is truly amazing and I can proudly say that I use sunscreen now! OH! bonus fact, it has SPF 50+!
Next we have the Purifying Cleansing Foam, it has a rich whipped texture that is pH balanced to gently yet effectively rid your skin of dirt and bacteria. It is suitable for all skin types, is fragrance free and has properties in it to help calm and gently brighten the skin and add some natural radiance to it. This product did effectively help rid my skin of all traces of dirt and makeup as when I use a cotton pad to it with toner afterwards, there was no evidence of any makeup. I did use micellar water to remove eye makeup first (but that is something I do no matter what cleanser I use). 

Overall, these two products are fantastic, their price point is also very reasonable - the cleanser is $12 and the sunscreen is $30. You can also purchase it together $37.50 and save some $. The cleanser is compact and great for travelling to take on the go, and the sunscreen comes in a durable yet sleek harder case that feels sturdy and luxurious. It's solid so when I shake it up to use it, it won't go flying out of my hand or get damaged if I take it in my makeup bag with me on the go.

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.

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