Review: Royal and Langnickel OMNIA® Professional Makeup Brushes*

The Omnia Professional make-up brushes are made of 100% Omnilux filaments, which is a revolutionary new vegan synthetic hair produced using patented nanotechnology.Each hair filament is manipulated at a molecular level to be superior to natural hair. 

I personally own a wide variety of make-up brushes, some luxury ones handmade by Japanese artisans with real hair, as well as synthetic ones. When I use these brushes and compare them to my Japanese real hair brushes, it really is a hard time for me to find and notice a difference between the two.

The hairs on this brush are super soft and perform the same in terms of product dispensing and placement/pick-up. 

Below I have included a photo of all the brushes sent to me, as well as a description from their site on each brush, and a short review from me as well as what and how I like to use these specific brushes.

Each brush comes individually packaged and some of the bigger brushes have a plastic holder for it. The other luxurious feeling of the brush is the handle, that it is really sturdy and feels almost like a matte rubber-like texture. It gives it such a posh feel as opposed to your regular standard slippery handle.

From left to right:

Omnia Professional BOM-195Bronze the face delicately or brush off excess powder with this deluxe-sized fan brush.
Thoughts: The wide fan of the brush allows for a very diffused look of bronzer around the circumference of the face. It makes the bronzer look very diffused and airbrushed with no harsh lines. You can easily use this as a highlight on the cheekbones brush as well.

Omnia Professional BOM-130This long, round brush tapers into a pointed tip to apply powder product with expert precision
Thoughts: This brush performs and is used for exactly what it says - powder application, whether it be a powder foundation or setting powder. I pick some up with the brush and gently roll and press onto my face if it is for setting powder. If it is for foundation I gently buff it and swirl the product on my face.

Omia Professional BOM-251This large duo-fiber style brush stipples powder, cream, or liquid product for a light, airy finish.
Thoughts: This brush is pretty wide so I like to even use it for bronzer application for a diffused look, and also for any cream based product like cream blush or powder foundation if I am going for a sheer natural coverage.

Omnia Professional BOM-185: This smaller, dense, dome-shaped brush meticulously blends complexion makeup into small areas of the face. Its narrow shape also makes it perfect for contouring.
Thoughts: I like this for cream contour or bronzer products as well as liquid foundation application. It has a smaller more defined dome shape to it that allows for more precise application to the face. 

Omnia Professional BOM-265Apply a concentrated, dazzling highlight to the face for a radiant look
Thoughts: This powder is perfect for precise highlight application on my cheekbones - it has a medium density so it picks up a good amount of product but can also give you a more sheer finish when you tap off some product.

Omnia Professional BOM-415This traditional eyeshadow brush features an oval shape that uniformly blends color over the entire lid.
Thoughts: This is a pretty straight-forward all over the lid eyeshadow brush. 

Omnia Professional BOM-490: Ideal for creating clean, precise lines, this small-sized brush features a narrow, angled edge
Thoughts: This is great for brows and eyeliner!

Omnia Professional BOM-435The expertly tapered bristles on this small brush allow for flawless, detailed smudging at the lash line.
Thoughts: I like this for more precise crease work, like a defined crease or cut crease. The brushes are dense and so it dispenses the product very well. 

Omnia Professional BOM-460Create bold definition in the crease and outer corners of the eyes.
Thoughts: This brush is very unique to me as I do not believe I have ever used one that shape. This makes buffing out color to your outer V and crease a breeze! as well as diffusing any harsh lines!

Omnia Professional BOM-420Intensify your look by lightly smudging liner and shadows with the tapered tip.
Thoughts: I use this just for my outer V to put color into it and create definition and contrast or to smoke out a look. 

I definitely recommend that you take a look at these brushes as they are priced very reasonably as well - you can get a face brush like the large duo-fiber brush for $18.99 usd and an eye brush, the traditional eyeshadow brush (BOM-415) for $9.99 usd which is all very reasonable and fair!

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.

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