Review: My Current Skincare Routine - September 2019*

I have been using the above products to help my skin transition into the colder weather and I have to say these items have been key in calming down the break-outs I was getting before. Near the end of the hot summer season, my skin started freaking out and I was trying to find different ways to tame it, and I think the above products really did that job for me so of course I had to share it with you guys.

I have previously in detail written about my skin routine/regiment, the steps involved etc, so this blog post will really just focus on products and why I like them!

This exfoliator starts off with very granular exfoliating bits (sugar) that melts away when massaged on the face. It says it can be a face wash but I do not go near my eyes with this (just in case). I use it on my t-zone area especially around my nose and I find that it does a really good job keeping my black heads at bay. It doesn't dry out my skin either and has a very light almost citrus scent.

This is my favorite facial scrub I have ever tried. It warms upon contact and legit feels like a spa experience in a tube. It does an amazing job clearing out any congestion or black heads in my problem areas and also helps regulate the oil production. LOVE LOVE LOVE, I want a lifetime supply of this!

This is a very light weight gel cleanser that helps rid my face of all traces of makeup while hydrating it at the same time. It does not strip the skin or leave it feeling squeaky and dry/tight. This is suitable for all skin types and has a nice consistency to it, not too runny which means you won't use too much. I use about a dime size each time so this will last me a while!

To truly rid my skin fo black heads and any uneven parts/discolouration this has been a life saviour. It contains witch hazel water to brighten and refine the skin, and ingredients like lemon, sugar cane, licorice root, chamomile to soothe and condition the skin.AHA (glycolic and lactic acid) help to gently exfoliate the skin to reduce the dark spots I mentioned above, fine lines and wrinkles. Give me a litre bottle and a pump for this baby. I need it!

Serum, Lotion and Eye Cream:
Very gentle scent, light weight and hydrates the life out of my skin while being thin and absorbs quickly therefore not prolog-ing the rest of my skincare routine. I usually use one pump and gently massage it to the face in an upwards motion.

I recently wrote a post about Jowae products and how they have been such a pleasure to work with and agrees with my skin. This lightweight cream melts onto the skin, absorbs quickly and allows me to then proceed with my makeup application effortlessly. 

This is pricy I have to admit but it works! It is super light-weight (notice a theme? I love light-weight products that don't make me feel greasy or heavy). I use one pump on my fourth finger and share it with the other fourth finger and gently pat on my panda eye bags. It helps to keep the area moisturized, improves on any look of tiredness/sagginess and just makes me look more put together, less like I only sleep 3-4 hours a night.

Have you tried any of these products out? How often do you change your skincare routine?

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration all opinions are my own.

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