Review: Vichy - Dercos Desi-Solutions*

Vichy Canada introduces their brand new range called Dercos Densi-Solutions, which is aimed at those who have experienced or is experiencing loss of hair mass. I for one, know that this is so applicable to me as I am currently post-partum. This topic touches so many people, in all age groups so I hope that this blog post will be able to introduce you to something that could potentially help you in the long run. These products could help those of you who have noticed that your hair seems to not be covering your scalp as much as it did before, it is weaker than it used to be or that it is less thick/dense as it used to be, for me I really notice this especially when my hair is in a ponytail, it seems to be 3/4 of its width and it's so defeating. Below I will provide more information on the three different products in the range, so if you're interested in learning more than keep on reading.
This shampoo contains the following:
- Filloxane - meant for Densifying/Hair Filling which helps to penetrate the hair and create a thicker, more resistant fiber.
- Rhamnose - for stimulating, to encourage growth of new hair follicles and
- Vitamin E - protects proteins in the hair and limits the fading of natural hair color.
I use 2-3 pumps of this shampoo on my medium length hair and it works up to a good lather that tingles the scalp and makes it feel like there's some action going on the scalp. It washes off easily and my hair feels clean afterwards.

Densi-Solutions Thickening Balm
- $22.95
This thickening balm is to be used after shampooing, lather into the hair and massage it into the scalp and let it work its magic for a minute and then rinse off. It contains:
- Ceramide R - which helps to repair the hair by restoring strength and helping to reinforce the hair cuticle
- It also contains Rhamnose and Vitamin E (same as above in the shampoo). 
This product felt so cooling and soothing on the scalp, it is thick in texture but worked into the scalp very easily, and washed out effortlessly without leaving behind any residue.
Once your hair dries, part your hair into small sections and spray 3-4 sprays into each section and massage. This contains:
- Stemoxydine - used to reactivate dormant follicles
- Resveratrol - preserving the optimal activity of each hair follicle and
- Rhamnose and Vitamin E, just like the Thickening Balm and Shampoo above.
I really liked this product as it helps to lift my hair and create some volume without feeling stiff. I have used some products in the past where it created stiffness at the roots to make volume, and it ended up hurting my scalp when my hair moved. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.


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  2. I have been using these products 200 for quite some time. My head gets sore with most shampoos but not this one for thinning hair. This makes my hair seem thicker. I also have used the one u leave in and rinse out after a couple of minutes . It is great for my hair but now it has double the cost from before.I was hoping to see it on internet less expensive but no..$20 now $40.