Review & Demo: Zoya Z-Wide Brush vs. Zoya Regular Brush*

Zoya Fans rejoice! They have recently launched a brand new product which will make your nail polish application even more effortless. Introducing, the Z-Wide Brush! It has 60% more brisels than the regular classic precision brush and has curved/tapered edges to make for more efficient and distribution of polish on your nails. When you look at your nails you will see that your nail bed and cuticle area do not form a 90 degree angle up to your nail, so the curved edge really helps to apply the product right to the edge without having to be overly cautious. I can quickly and in almost half the time just do my entire hand and I don't have to focus as hard to "stay within the lines" if you know what I mean. 

These brushes retail for $2 USD each and fits all existing 0.5oz nail polish bottles so it is super easy for you to make the switch!

To truly see the brush in motion, I did a quick video for you to demonstrate how quickly it takes - mind you yes, I did speed up the application part 8x but you can see how many less strokes it takes with the Z-wide brush as compared to the regular brush which held less product in its bristles, required me to dip into the bottle of polish more frequently and required more strokes to cover the nail. On the second coat, you can see that the Z-Wide brush just glided on, requiring 1-2 strokes per nail, while with the regular brush it still required 3-5 strokes depending on the nail itself.

I am already a huge fan of Zoya, I have written about them countless of times here on the blog, and being a fan of the polish itself, I am now SO happy they came out with the wider brush - it really just completes the package and honestly makes for the perfect brand of polish for me!

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.

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