Review: Wet n Wild - Pro Brush Line*

Wet n Wild, has been a drugstore brand that has been around for so many years - I remember even seeing it when I was in high school and that's quite a man years back (let's not go into specifics here!). Anyways, they have done an excellent job in the past year reformulating their products - for e.g. eyeshadows, highlighters etc. In addition they have launched new product as well - more modern and updated items like their foundation as well as these pro brushes that are both beautiful, practical and affordable. 

Below you will find the brushes lined up and labelled. I appreciate that even though the brushes are so affordable, that they are still packaged well - individually and in separate boxes that are labelled. In addition the rose gold packaging does not look cheap at all and the bristles are soft and the brushes actually work and serve its purpose. 

There was one brush that I got, the Flat Contour Brush that had two extra long bristles, but that could easily be remedied by trimming them with a pair of small scissors. Nothing about these brushes would actually hinder me from purchasing them or recommending them to people. But for purposes of full disclosure I wanted to share my findings with you. 


The most unique brush out of the collection, is the Precision Foundation Brush. As you can see from the right image above, it has a dip in the middle that you can actually dispense your foundation into and apply to the skin. This worked out well for me, as it didn't cause the foundation to sink into the bristles too much and the longer bristles surrounding the dip worked to blend out the foundation to create an airbrushed effect to the skin. 

Overall, for the price of the brushes - these are an excellent purchase! They retail for $69.90 usd for the set, or individually they are all listed as under $10 each. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review/consideration, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Love the metallic handles! The precision brush is super unique, definitely don't own a brush like that in my brush collection, might have to give it a try!