KMS - ADDVOLUME Hair care collection review*

My hair journey for thicker and fuller hair has been a pretty big journey of ups and downs... mostly downs. As a beauty blogger, I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to review various products from different companies on occasion, and every time I get the chance to try out anything with the name VOLUME or HAIR GROWTH, I say SIGN ME UP NOW! 

This time, I was kindly sent a few items from the ADDVOLUME collection from KMS to try.
1) ADDVOLUME - Shampoo
2) ADDVOLUME - Root and Body Lift
3) ADDVOLUME - Leave-In Conditioner
4) ADDVOLUME - Liquid Dust  

to read more about my thoughts on each item, just click on the link below...

On the left we have the Shampoo, and let me tell you I LOVE the shampoo! A little goes a long way, it lathers quickly and smells beautiful. It leaves your hair feeling moisturized without any leftover residue or weight to it. It is said to contain the AHA structure complex. Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, which supports internal reconstruction. Polyquaternium-10, that evens out the hair surface and VP/VA Copolymer which provides body and volume.

My problem with alot of shampoos is that I will love it for the scent, the feel etc... but then I end up not being able to continue using it because it causes excessive shedding of hair (chunks falling in the drain and being completely mortified when I see the amount of hair in the hair catcher). This shampoo actually didn't do that! I am so happy and will be adding this to my rotation!

On the right we have the Root and Body Lift. When I first saw this product, I thought that this was a hair spray for styling after the hair is dried and set. However, when I read the bottle it is actually used on towel-dried hair before blow drying. It is weightless, and helps to add some OOMPF to the hair and adds some body. Your hair isn't crunchy afterwards and you do not feel it at all - I did find this to give me some volume and quite enjoyed it.

Next we have the Leave in Conditioner (left in the image) that I find to work as a detangler in addition to a shine builder to the hair strands when blow drying my hair. It did add volume and wasn't sticky or heavy. The one thing though is that I smelled some hints of alcohol which I wasn't quite a fan of, and I did feel that it dried my ends a tad. I think that I may stick to regular conditioner since I have sensitive hair.

Finally, we have the Liquid Dust which is the most interesting product out of the four sent to me. You apply it to towel damp hair, the roots etc and then blow dry it. When you are blow drying it, you feel like you are almost tugging at your hair, that there's glue on it. And even after you blow dry the hair, it still kinda feels like its glued together. I guess that's what gives it the volume! This really gave me va-va-voom body! After about an hour or so, the feeling of "tackiness" faded and you were just left with regular textured but volumized hair. 

If you are interested in getting some super volume, I highly suggest the Shampoo and either the Root and Body Lift (if you want a more subtle day to day volume) or the Liquid Dust (I'd use this more for a special ocassion/event. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*Products were sent to me for review and consideration. All opinions are of my own and are honest.

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