April 2017 Favorites

It's April and Spring is officially here. That means a change in make-up that is light and fresh with glowing skin and a flush to the cheeks. I have been using the following 10 items (yes I have made it a mission to only select 10 items for my monthly favorites now) almost everyday and if you want to know why, just click the link below to find out :)

1. Charlotte Tilbury - Instant Look In a Palette *
2. Burberry - Nude Pink 101*
3. Real Techniques - Eye Shade & Blend*
4. Fiona Stiles - Brow Sculpting Wax
6. YSL - Babydoll Kiss and Blush Duo Stick* - Purple/Pink
9. Hard Candy - Translucent Loose Powder*
10. Avon - Eyelash Curler*

I will be breaking up the favorites by section to ease the process - first, we have products for the eyes and an all-in-one palette:

Charlotte Tilbury - Instant Look In a Palette *
If you are a fan of a natural flawless look then this palette is for you. It is my everyday go to palette and I wear it to work everyday. It helps you accentuate your best features without looking like you have a ton of make-up on. It contains eye shadows, highlighter, bronzer and two blushes and it is very sleek and light that it is also very convenient for you to take travelling with you. This palette will help you create a classic look - pair it with either a neutral or bold lip to elevate your look from day to night if desired.

Real Techniques - Eye Shade & Blend*
I have been a fan of RT brushes for years and they are exceptional in quality. I've had some brushes for 3+ years and they have not frayed or shed. For the price of the product and the fact that you can pick this up at the drugstore, there is none other that I would recommend. I use this to really define the crease, and to buff out any harsh lines as well as to sweep and pack on color to my outer V. They are soft and they deposit color very well. A must buy!

Fiona Stiles - Brow Sculpting Wax
My dear friend had bought this for me as I am a huge fan of Fiona Stiles Cosmetics and you unfortunately cannot pick this up in Canada. She bought this for me when it was on sale and honestly, I want to buy another as back-up. The pomade / wax / cream consistency is perfect - it's stiff but delivers the perfect amount of color. It is very hard to screw up your brows with this and end up looking like a cartoon character with bold brows. This beats my Anastasia pomade and any other cream/wax product I've tried. MUST go!

Anyone following social media or the YouTube beauty world will know that these babies are flying off the shelves like hot cakes. If you ever wanted to experiment with glitter but didn't like all the steps required to pack it on the lids without fall-out or the fear of creasing, look no further. This is what you need. When you apply it, you have about 5-10 seconds of play time, once this product sets its done, it won't budge at all. You are left with gorgeous glitter pigments that speak for themselves. I bought this color special to Ulta when I was in Jersey for a business trip  LOVE IT! This product allows you to use glitter in a classic way instead of looking juvenile or costume-like. 

Alright, first things first, the name of the color of the product is purple/pink, but honestly it's like a dusty rose and nude shade. I like to sweep this once on my cheek from mid cheek to upper cheek bone and then blend it out with a duo-fibre brush or my fingers. It leaves behind a natural flushed look to the face and lasts all day.

I saw this during one of my many Sephora Online Window Shopping episodes. The concept of this product was very intriguing to me, a matte blotting cushion product that can be used under make-up as well as over it during the day to mattify any oily skin. I must admit I haven't worked up the courage to use it over my make-up yet, as I do not want to dirty the cushion sponge, however I have used this as a primer and I must say it has done a wonderful job with oil control. Also, I am LOVING using this product on any upcoming zits or existing zits. This product is cooling and contains salicylic acid so it's perfect to help calm these little mini volcanic eruptions on the face. 

Hard Candy - Translucent Loose Powder*
This is a pretty good product from the drugstore - it sets my face and helps to absorb any oil or reduce the shine throughout the day. I use a fluffy brush to apply this lightly all over the face - just be careful to not apply too much as it will be white. Use a light hand and it will be fine! :) 

Lastly, we have the LUSH - Chocolate Lip Scrub*, Burberry - Nude Pink 101and Avon - Eyelash Curler*. I didn't expect myself to enjoy the LUSH lip scrub so much - I had recently reviewed some of the items from the Easter 2017 collection - if you're interested you can read all about it here . It smells like the infamous orange chocolate ball and tastes equally delicious. It's too bad that this is a limited edition product and has a shelf life, or I'd buy about 10 to stock up. I will be purchasing an additional 2-3 though honestly as it just helps to smooth out the lips and dead skin.

If you are looking for a good nude nail polish and are willing to splurge a bit, then go for the Burberry Nude Pink polish. it is a creamy formula that deposits a beautiful wash of color in one swipe. It's nude and perfect for spring. I have been alternating between this and a bright pink and have been receiving more compliments on the nude. It's just a perfect shade of nude that can't go wrong and I got 1 week of wear from it without chipping!

Lastly, the Avon Lash Curler - it came originally with a lash comb attachment to it but I found it a bit too finicky. I didn't really see the purpose of curling my lashes while trying to comb them out at the same time? I was just too nervous. This curler though honestly is very comparable to others on the market that sell for 3x its price. I got a very nice curl from this and I appreciated the flatter curve to the band as it helped get all my lashes! My curl stayed all day with a coat of mascara and I've been using this everyday. I had stopped using a lash curler before this as I couldn't justify spending about $30 on a curler, but honestly, this one is a steal so go grab it!

What are some of your favorites this month? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, XO - M.

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