Influenster: Essie VoxBox Review*

I was recently selected to participate in the Influenster Essie VoxBox review. I was sent 2 polishes, a top coat and a base coat to try, and to give my honest opinions on what I thought of the products. I have been a user of Essie polishes ever since I was a teen. I still remembered my favorite pink was Fiji - it was the perfect amount of light pink and cream - like a lighter version of pepto bismol. While Essie is a very popular brand and the color selection is huge, I would have to say that I have a very hard time with the color formulas sticking to my nails for longer than 3 days. Usually by day 2 or 3, I would have a chip, and then the next day another would chip and so on and so forth. The red polish - A-List, is a classic red. Very similar to a red polish that I own by Chanel, but this one is half the cost. I personally prefer the other color that was sent to me, the nude one - Topless and Barefoot - That is my perfect everyday neutral shade. Looks great with any skin tone. I think that I would still continue to purchase Essie polishes (only the unique color ones because they have some colors that are not offered by any other brand). I think that if you find the perfect quick dry top coat, you can overlook the need to have to reapply your polish every 3-4 days.

I loved the base coat that was sent to me though - the grow stronger one. It is a light nude shade, which you could easily just wear on its own without having to apply another polish on top. It did harden my nails after a few uses, and I would repurchase this product for sure.

As for the top coat, while it worked, I still cannot say that it was better than my holy grail top coat, which is the Nails Inc Caviar top coat. Therefore, I will not be repurchasing this specific top coat again.

My Ranking of Essie Polishes:
Color Selection = 5/5
Quality = 2/5 (chipping after 2-3 days)
Brush Applicator = 3/5 (I find the brush too narrow)
Overall = 3.3/5

What are your thoughts on Essie Polishes? If you're interested in seeing what other reviewers thought of this product, you can always search #essienailedin on various social media platforms.

Until next time, XO-M.

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