Morphe Monthly Brush Club - January 2016

For those of you who have been following my blog, you will know that I was once subscribed to a monthly subscription beauty box called Ipsy. However, less than a year into the service, I decided to cancel it as the variety of products received was lacking and the products that actually came became lesser in quality and most often or not, it was quite repetitive. I joined Ipsy with hopes of being able to try out products from different brands and when that gradually stopped happening, I had to cancel it. 

I was introducted to Morphe at IMATS 2 years ago in Toronto. We arrived right when IMATS opened, and the Morphe booth drew in the biggest crowd. I had to of course go and see what the fuss was about. Morphe sells their own brand of makeup and makeup brushes and it was the brushes that captivated my attention the most. They were great quality and at really reasonable prices. I picked up a few then and have been using them non-stop, putting them to the test and til this day, I have not encountered a problem with them. No shedding, bleeding or fraying. 

SO! when Morphe released their monthly brush club, I had to subscribe to it and see if the brushes were just as good as the ones I got 2 years ago, and also, it was a chance for me to try out different brushes from the line instead of paying retail for each brush and having to wait until IMATS comes again this year.

The package comes in a bubble envelope with each brush individually wrapped as seen below:

Here's another picture of the brushes after they have been unwrapped:

To help those of you who may be interested in ordering a specific brush, I have listed each brush's name below. Although they are all meant to be shadow/eye brushes, I found the duo fiber brush no. M173 is an amazing concealer brush. It blurs out the concealer under your eye to leave an airbrush finish. 

So far, for the first month of my subscription from Morphe, I am loving it. With taxes + exchange rate included, it comes out to being $29. Granted, there are only so many makeup brushes one can use, so to be honest I won't be staying subscribed to this much longer. I will probably give it 2-3 months tops to see if I can get some more face brushes. 

Until next time, XO - M.

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