Chanel LA Sunrise Spring 2016 - Sunkiss Ribbon Blush Harmony

As a make-up addict, you are drawn to make-up not only because of the product itself and the colors it offers, but also because of the packaging (even more so if it's limited edition). Chanel is a company that always comes out with exquisite limited edition items each season and for the Spring 2016 LA Sunrise Collection, the blush was what drew me in. The last time I bought something from Chanel was the Camelia De Plumes Hilighting Powder from .. I want to say the 2014 Winter Collection? 

Anyways - this post will be short as I only wanted to share with you all swatches from the blush if you were interested in getting one, and to also just share these pictures with you so you can all go ooooh + ahhhh when you see them, like I did. 

The scent of this blush is rather strong, it smells of roses. However, I left it open on my vanity overnight and the scent dissipated a bit. The blush comes packaged in a velvet pouch with its own brush that is also contained within its own velvet pouch as well. 

The blush comes in 5 different colors that you can use separately or blend it all together to form a gorgeous shade of pink, perfect for any season. I have included swatches below for your reference: 

Until next time, XO - M.

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