September to November 2015 Product Empties

I have made it a mission the last few months, to use up as much existing open product as possible and I think I did quite well in the past 3 months! Keep on reading to see what I loved and would re-purchase again, and what other products made it on the regrets list!

Products Above:
1. L'oreal Ever Pure - Sulfate Free Color Care System Volume Shampoo 
Repurchase? Yes!
Why? I love everything about this shampoo, from the scent, which is a minty herbally scent to the results - it doesn't weigh down my hair nor does it strip my dyed hair color. I don't really see any VOLUMIZING properties, but I do love this shampoo alot! The only other one I may like more is the Herbal Essences Naked Volume Shampoo

2. Bath & Body Works - Harvest Body Wash
Repurchase? No.
Why? I didn't find it moisturizing, even though it says it contains Shea and Vitamin E. When I read the ingredients in the back, alcohol is one of them which may explain why I feel drier than normal especially in the winter months. The scent is also quite artificial and overly pungent.

3. Aveda - Rosemary Mint Shampoo
Repurchase? Maybe later on.
Why? It's really too expensive for shampoo and ever since finding Herbal Essences Naked Volume, I see no reason to really having to repurchase this again.

4. Living Proof - Flex Shaping Hair Spray
Repurchase? Maybe later on
Why? Again, this is a higher end product in terms of cost. While it does an amazing job and the scent is wonderful, I am trying to find a drugstore dupe that will do the same. This hairspray gives me a light feeling but strong hold and adds volume and texture. I really am quite fond of it and have repurchased it before.

5. Body Shop - Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser 
Repurchase? not now
Why? I just don't need it, I found the Indie Lee Spot Treatment Solution that works on targeted break out spots.

6. Miracle 10 - Solution 1
Repurchase? later on
Why? It is a pricier item, and while I got it in a PR package to review, I would like to try out other products first and see what else is in the market.

7. First Aid Beauty - Facial Radiance Pads
Repurchase? Yes, later on
Why? These are really good exfoliating pads that really do work to brighten your skin and get out your black heads and dirt.

8. First Aid Beauty - Dual Repair Face Cream
Repurchase? No. 
Why? I didn't like the texture or the product.

9. Nails Inc - 45 Second Top Coat
Repurchase? Yes! Always! Forever! 
Why? IT WORKS. It gives you a high gloss shine and dries your nails quickly. This is how i can afford to always change my polishes!

10. Saje - Tree Scent Eseential Oil Blend
Repurchase? Yes
Why? love it for my Saje diffuser! So relaxing and calming! I also like Mountain High

11. Atrix Beauty Charge - Honey Milk Hand Lotion
Repurchase? Yes! (if I can find it, because I got it from Japan, my sister in law got me 2 more on her recent trip)
Why? It works on my eczema prone skin in the winter. It's not greasy, absorbs quickly and the scent is very nostalgic to my trip to Tokyo 3 years ago.

12. EOS - Coconut Milk Lip Balm
Repurchase? No.
Why? I don't like EOS products, I don't find them entirely moisturizing

13: Algenist - Eye Cream
Repurchase? Maybe later
Why? It's expensive! I got this as a deluxe sample and will keep my eye out for when its available. This stuff is potent and it really works, but I don't think I'm ready to bite the bullet and buy it yet. I am trying out the GinZing Origins eye cream now and I'm quite fond of it, and it's about 1/2 or maybe even 1/3 of the cost

14: Origins - GinZing Mascara
Repurchase? No.
Why? Didn't work for me, My drugstore Covergirl and Maybelline mascara worked much better! 

15: Aurora - Eye Liner
Repurchase? No, good thing I got it for free in my Ipsy Bag
Why? Not pigmented at all - watery and patchy! Also has a weird scent.

16. Anastasia - Clear Brow Gel
Repurchase? Maybe later
Why? I'm pretty happy with the Milani brow gel right now, it does the job for less than half the price!

17. Indie Lee - Blemish Stick 
Repurchase? YES! 
Why? Anytime I feel a flare up, I put this on and it's gone the next day. I've recommended this to so many people and they all love it. My one coworker has repurchased it... four times now? She's addicted.

What are some of your empties this month? Have you tried out anything I've mentioned above?
Until next time, XO - M.

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